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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

"Excuse me, doctor, but shouldn't you at least buy me dinner BEFORE you do that to me?!"

OK, so yesterday was a bit of a wash around here.  Oh, we were busy, don't get me wrong, but I didn't come in until early afternoon.  Kaleb minded the store while I took Angela to her doctors appointment.  We had to go to Safety Harbor at the Mease Medical Arts place.  MAN!  Talk about a busy joint!  There were more cars in the parking lot then in Walmart during Black Friday!  WOW!  As we stood outside waiting for our ride, I commented on the thought that if you counted all the cars in that HUGE lot and multiplied that number by the cost of a standard specialists fee's.....?  You'd have A LOT of money! 
ANYWHO!  Angi is healing as to be expected, still with pain and discomfort but at least now she can get her pain meds without a hassle.  Oh, don't get me started on the state of medication nowadays!  We had to take her into the ER again last week and have her "re-evaluated" because the original script was only enough for about four days of pain meds, and she had to wait almost two weeks to see the doctor because of the holiday week.  They drilled her with all sorts of questions regarding her "need" for pain meds, basically treating her as if she was a drug addict "shopping" for doctors!  JEEZ!  CLEARLY, you take one look at the X-Rays and you can see WHY she is in pain!  Then, even knowing how far off her doctors appointment was, they still only gave her enough for three days, which she had to economize, in effect, really not helping subside the pain all that much.  Of course, going to the doctor, we find out our medical insurance did NOT cover the cost, so it was out of pocket.
I wish I had a job where I made THAT much cash for a 3 minute visit! 
Kind of put a dent in holiday plans, I tell you that!
BUT, I lament, and I completely understand that it must be done.  She cannot remain in the kind of agony she has been having to endure.
Got in a UNIQUE challenge yesterday.  Someone bought a cargo bike online and brought it in for assembly.  WOOF!  So, it was clearly slightly used BUT the real issue is NO assembly instructions!  They gave me a link on you tube for instructional videos, however the guy doing it is using a hand held cell phone camera as he works, it's a lot like watching a really bad home made movie, and he rarely focuses the camera on what he's working on!  ARRGH!  I can't even find a picture of the finished bicycle!  This is going to be fun! 
And, so I don't fail to mention, thanks to all the repairs coming in yesterday and for extending patience to me until I could get to them! VERY sweet of you all!  Thankfully, I was able to get them all done before the end of the day!  Also managed to put out a newbie as well.  Actually, TWO newbies, but the SWEEET Mongoose MTB sold just as I put it out, so no point in teasing you good folk with a pic!
Allrighty!  I best get at it, as I need to finish up the equally SWEEET Schwinn MTB I started on last night then I am cracking open the BOXES (notice the plural) for the cargo bike and diving in!
See y'all soon!

image 1
ONLY $95.00!!

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