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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Obligatory Holiday Greetings

Well, another year winding down to a close and I have tried my very best to get into the holiday spirit.
Enh, not so much!
This has been a HELL of year!  And I don't mean that in the "winning team player exclaims, "That
 was a HELL of a game!" sort of way, more like the "middle age marathon runner who had a coronary half way through the 5K, but still managed to finish, three day's later" sort of "HELL of  year"! 
Now believe me, as much as I have every right to pitch camp in a clock tower, my only companion a sniper rifle and a weeks worth of rations and ammunition and start pecking off "all those who have wronged me" I ain't that way.  No, I have sighed MANY a sigh of relief and that's what I'm sticking with!  Many good folks (and you KNOW who you are) have come to the aid of both myself personally, and my family at large, and that alone has given me the strength to sally forth!  I will take from all of this, a learning experience.  There have been mistakes and missteps made, that will NOT be repeated.  I've forged stronger armor, polished it, and wear it proudly into the battles to come.  I can only hope, that with hard work, next year will be better, for all of us!
Yesterday, was as expected, a bluster of activity early on, then flattening out as folks hustled about in the last mad dash to finish up preparations for family coming in, or them going out.  HECK of a lot of fun riding home last night! 
Sent a couple rides home to await there time in the sun under the tree, and managed to build three more (which I featured yesterday afternoon) and two of them already went to thrill two little girls, this morning!  I have a what will be a pretty sweet Raleigh MTB in my bay, as we speak.  Another frame up rebuild I'm still digging for the remainder of the needed parts, which I will get back to shortly!
After work, Angi and I did the last little run for a few more trinkets (and the rest of the Holiday meal)  then home, scary ghost show, and passed out!
Today, we will most likely be closing around three, unless folks are giving me a reason to stay later (HINT, HINT!!!) So we'll see how it goes!
Now, back to work!  If I don't see ya, have a wonderful holiday and gird your loins for '15!

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