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Friday, December 12, 2014


Well, yesterday was another day of ample "work time"!  We did manage to find a home for the sweet ladies 7 speed Cruiser, at about ten minuets to close, but other then that 'twas a day of "me" time to get stuff done.  Got a little farther on the ladies three speed, but as I forgot to bring in the black paint to redo the fenders (two days in a row, unfortunately) and this stuff dries Sloooooooow!  So, hopefully I will have it finished up today!  Also had a drop off of several kiddo bikes, so those managed to keep me occupied.  In the AM, I broke down, and finally got around to doing something I have been meaning to get accomplished for some time, and get some stuff back up and running on EBay.  Yes, we were hot and heavy on there for awhile, but the last several sales we did were a MAJOR pain.  A combination of underestimated shipping costs (the computer is SUPPOSED to figure that stuff out!) and a few folks who didn't bother to read the items description, and once they got the items, realized it, and wanted returns.  Then of course, against the rules of EBay, wanted ME to pay the return postage!  Needless to say, I escaped the aggravation, and took a hiatus from it!  BUT, it's a handy way to move some stuff, so I'm back at it again! 
On to today!
As mentioned, the three speed up first, then the remainder of the kiddo bikes.  And through an anicient series of chants, prayers, and wishfull thinking I hope to inspire the Veloist in many folks so they feel compelled to come and visit us.

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  1. Steven-

    I can't wait to see how that ladies' 3 speed comes out- Someone is going to get a very smooth bike there, no doubt about it!