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Saturday, December 13, 2014


OK, so I really do hate sounding like a used car salesman!  Sometimes though, when someone comes in to check out a bike, and you can see that look in their eye's, like "WOW!  This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for!" but then some small voice in the back of their head urges them to frugality and to take time to "think about it"?  I feel like plucking the little angel conscience from their shoulder, tell them to mind their own business, and let the folk have what they want.
But....I don't.
Yesterday was a Quattro ten Minuet rule!  In retrospect, was a tad humorous.  In the span of about two hours I had four separate persons visit, and each one gravitated to the SWEET Men's three speed we had.  Yes, the one donated by Uncle Chippie, which had both an interesting back story AND needed some tweaking.  Each person expressing a great deal of satisfaction with the look and feel of the ride, but on their own accord, opted to "check out a few more places" or "think about it".  Now first (and I always ask) I have to wonder what "other places" are there?  I mean, I am not trying to float our boat here (...ok...maybe a little!) but, to the best of my knowledge, there are only three other places in the area where you can buy a used bike.  HOWEVER, again, to my knowledge (because we have serviced MANY of these so called, bargain bikes here, to the tune of about two times what they would have paid, in total, had they just bought one here!) the majority of these rides are barely serviced at all!  I guess that's why most people come back here. Hee, hee. 
ANYWAYS,  the fifth gent to come in looking for a ride fell in love with the three speed's simplicity  and snatched it right up. THEN, the other four started to trickle back in, regrettably NOT finding the ride they coveted.  One gent, did in fact end up buying the Hunter seven speed we had JUST put out, which had a similar frame, but not the simplicity.  He was happy though, so all's well!
Today, with a few repairs to do, my morning is occupied, but then I am REALLY going to try and get the rest of the kiddo bikes done and out!
I'm hoping we get in some more goodies today, as I NEED something to work on tomorrow! 
Everything is relatively sane on the home front.  Angela is healing nicely, the bruising around her eye and face have all but gone away, and she is mending, but still very limited in her movements.  Even though she keeps trying to push herself.  But as she is succumbing to cabin fever, suggesting limitations is not a good idea! 
Allrighty!  I'd best get a movin'! 
It is a REALLY nice, clear day out there folks!  Better get out and enjoy it!  And if you need a bike to ride.....
Well, you get the point!

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  1. Very glad to see that Big Boy 3 go to a good home. It's not been ridden in ten years. Yes, seriously. Someone got a good deal there.

    Looking around the shop today, I have to say that the best deal in sight is that Iron Horse. Slap some serious road tires on that old school mountain bike, and you have one of the finest long distance touring bikes on earth.

    Better hurry, folks...