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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Bringing Families Closer Together!

Nothing like a power outage to bring out the creativity in folks!
Yes, lost a transformer earlier last night, so it was sandwich night!  Surprisingly, the kids did not whine (too much) at not being able to use the TV or their devices, but instead went right into finding something else to entertain themselves.  It was at this point we discovered just how smart Rozlynd REALLY is!  They started up a game of Hangman, and I joined in, being appointed as game master.  I started off with easy ones, but they proved to be too elementary for Rozy, as she would guess the one or two word challenges after only a couple of letters.  Angi joined in, and started coming up with some more challenging entries.  At one point she suggested "To kill a Mockingbird".  We figured that would have her stumped, but SOMEHOW she guessed it after only the VOWELS had been guessed!  I have NO idea where she has even HEARD of that title!  I finally got them with  "May the Wind Be At Your Back" , took almost ALL the letters to get that one.  Even Izzy helped guess!  Truly, was a lot more fun then everyone droning out to their own personal entertainment!
Well, the weather man lied once again!  Yesterday was supposed to be partly sunny, but we got nothing but gray skies and rain.  This IS NOT conducive to good business!  We did get a few repairs in, but other then that it was FLAT!  It did give me time, however, to finish what turned out to be a SWEET single speed/coaster brake urban "Alley Cat".  OK, not a 100% TRUE alley cat (not a fixie) but it does have the FEEL of one!  The folks who donated this old, decrepit ride, said they are regular readers of the blog, so folks, thanks for the diamond in the rough!  Check out the pic below to see the new life bestowed on your old chunk of steel!  Granted, just about the only original piece's left are the frame, and crank arms, but you get the picture!
I also had enough time to get the second recumbent tore down (to frame) and will begin the arduous task of cleaning (and/or replacing) the parts. 
Uncle Chippie just stopped by and dropped of some goodies in time for Christmas!  Two, soon to be, SAH-WEET 3 speeds!  Need some cleaning but otherwise really awesome looking rides!  Thank you sir, and Merry Christmas!
So, I have my day planned out for me!  Hope you folks will ignore those nasty cloudy skies and come pay us a visit!
Look forward to seeing you!

image 1
ONLY $120.00!!

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  1. Man, I like the looks of that Alley Cat. With the coaster brake, it's more of a "Coastal Cat". Very clean lines.

    Good thing I don't need another bike...