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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Off with a BANG!

So, today marks our second official Sunday open!
....where are YOU!?
In our normal lucky fashion NO day can go off without a hitch!  Today was especially startling!  With Logan in tow, we came in to set up shop.  He, of course, disappeared post haste into the back room, cell phone clutched passionately in two hands, eye's transfixed on the tiny screen, oblivious to all around him.  I brought out the outdoor trimmings, and when done returned to the shop.  there I began the process of flicking on the lights, first the sign then the overhead and finally the drop light in my bay. It was at THIS point, at EXACTLY the moment I snapped the push button, there was a LOUD explosion out back as the transformer blew! 
Yes, apparently the neighborhood transformer could not handle the burden of a 75 watt LIGHT BULB!!! 
Unfortunately, this happens FAR to often around here!  At least three times a month, for as long as WE have been here, that bloody thing keeps popping!  Exactly WHY do the citizens of Florida pay SOOOOO much for their electric bill?!  I mean, it CAN NOT be to help maintain the fine quality of service and equipment!  Nor the JOY of their WONDERFUL staff! (please note: capitalization denotes sarcasm.  Ok...moving on.) No, methinks with all their lobbying and back room bribes, and payola gracing the palms of all our erstwhile elected officials it may just have to do with the tried and true backbone of ALL Western Democracy.  GREED and the personal satisfaction of screwing the little guy!  US!  HOO-RAY Capitalism! 
OK, OK...Tirade over.
Yesterday, was a good day for looky loo's, who we always welcome!  If they don't find something the first time they come in, most will come back again and again until they do.  Managed several repairs, which are always a blessed event, even put out a few!  SAH-WEET!  Check 'em out below!  Yes, getting mighty FULL in here! If you didn't see the two B-E-A-YOUTIFULL Giant Suedes I got in, I'm gonna show 'em off again! 
YAY!!!  Powers on again!!!
Thanks to our new friend Robert for ALL the referrals!!  Several folks have been coming in the last couple days scrounging for parts!  Our buckets are ALWAYS open!  Just mind the grease! 
OK, well, now that I completely tore apart the bucket of fenders and chain guards for the last gentleman, I think I may just FINNALY do something to display them! 
.....he said with a grin.
So COME ON DOWN and pay us a visit today!  What else do you have to do on a gorgeous, sunny, mild Sunday?
Don't answer that.  Just get down here!

image 1
ONLY $65.00!!
image 1
ONLY $60.00!!
image 1
ONLY $25.00!!!

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  1. Oh, Steven, Steven, Steven...

    No, no, no.

    I admit I do keep a 100 watt bulb on hand to show people what dinosaurs use to use to read by before the comet hit, but honestly, go with a 7.5 watt LED and be happy that you're screwing the power company out of a fair bit of cashola.