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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Garfield was SOOO Wrong! Mondays Do NOT Suck!!

Yesterday was a blissfully blistering busy day!!  Sent SIX pretties to new homes, with four of them outfitting a wonderful family in from the outskirts of Chicago!  They'd only been in for a couple of days when a benevolent benefactor turned them on to us when they inquired about the "best" place to get bikes!  SAH-WEEEET!  We also "traded up" for a couple cute young ladies who had outgrown last years Christmas present WAY to quickly, according to Mom! 
And the repairs?!  WOW!  Thanks to ALL the folks for their trust, patronage and keeping me jumping!  I NEVER get tired of the look of pleasant shock and exclamation's from folks when they find out just how cheap it is, and how quick they'll get them back!  Better then candy!  We had TWO full re-furbs and seven more random repairs, with another three picked up right before closing!  Folks, I gotta tell ya, beats wandering around the shop looking for something to do!  And spare time on my hands and access to EBay is DANGEROUS!  Although I have been able to accumulate several new decorations for the shop, currently en route via USPS!  Hee, Hee! 
Ahhhh.  The joy's of PayPal! 
Needless to say, did NOT get much built yesterday!  Did manage to put together two more little kiddo bikes.  As you would expect, this time of year we become depleted of bikes under 20".  About the only time of year that happens!  SOOOO, gotta build up some new ones! 
 I do have two more cruisers to work on.  One being my old motorized ride, and the other a long since abandoned repair that I have been holding now for a few months.  Don't ask me why, but sometimes folks bring in repairs and then just seem to forget about them.  In this case, he left it for a couple minor tweaks stating he'd be back later that afternoon.  I never saw him again, and his number has been disconnected? 
Things like this give me pause to ponder his fate.  Was he abducted by aliens?  Super Secret Spy done away with by foreign agents?  Lost on Zombie Island? (OK, blame the kids for that one!  All their Zombie video games are giving me nightmares!)
Sorry....I digress.
A special thanks to Angi for finding a new venue online for getting the word out about us.  "Offer Up" is an Iphone type "seller to buyer" forum that hooks you up locally to folks buying and selling anything (legal).  All you do is snap a pic, post and your golden.  Sure, means a wee bit more time out of my day, but it will be worth it if folks can find out there is an alternative out there to high priced "Boutique" bike shops!  Which there is NO shortage of in Florida!  WOOF!
On the home front.  Angi just got back from the doctors. Sadly, her collar bone is not healing right, as it appears the break is coming back together misaligned.  The doctor is giving it another month and then checking her again.  If it turns out that it doesn't correct position, she will have to go in for the surgery to put in metal and screws.  I really hope it doesn't come to that.  Anytime she goes under the knife, I do worry for her.  Fingers, toes and eyes crossed!
All right peoples. I've rambled enough!  Now back to work!

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