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Monday, December 15, 2014

Ho, Ho, Ho (Said Santa On A Bender)

Now that's what a Sunday SHOULD be like!!!
We was a hoppin' from the get go!  Actually ended up staying almost an hour later as the folks just kept coming in!  Many Sunday strollers, and casual enquiries, but we did send home two of the kiddo bikes we had just put together!  And to two GREAT causes to boot!  The simple black 18" was picked up by a wonderful lady, fully embracing the Holiday spirit, in order to replace a neighbors boy who had his stolen!  The 20" Next BMX went home with two wonderful and VERY compassionate grandparents, who were replacing the one their grandson had stolen.  And THAT was a SAD story, but in respect to their privacy, I won't go into it, suffice to say, Karma did strike and the sleazy culprit now sits behind bars! 
Also had a slew of Parts shoppers!  SAH-WEET!  Anytime I can lighten my load of overstock, I am a happy camper!  Also, the act of digging through the mish mashed HUGE buckets of fenders and chain guards inspired me to reorganize them and take them out from behind my work station!  No more poking my shins on errant fenders!  YAY!
ALSO managed to put out two new beauties!  The first was a gimmie, or rather taken in trade for a small repair I did!  This one is a true GEM!  It was beat up and rough when we got it, but after a couple of hours of a full tear down, a vigorous scrubbing with steel wool AND a few replacement parts, we got ourselves one awesome looking 20" Free Agent Mini!  RAD!  Also, one of our regulars brought us in a Ladies Giant Cypress Hybrid!  A few tweaks and again, a few parts, and here's another welcome addition to the RE-Cycle Lexicon!  (I like that word..."Lexicon", don't use it hardly enough!)
After the close of the day, and our return home, a quick shower and Angi and I were off on a little walk.  It's been a while since she braved such a sojourn, as she still is suffering from the accident.  But she is trying her best to heal as quick as possible.  Went to grab dinner stuffs, made "Bubble and Squeak".  Don't know if y'all are familiar with that down here, but it's sausage, potatoes and cabbage.  A New England tradition!  As is the "musical program" that follows.
I'll give you a minute to figure that out....
(hint) the music has it's own pungent aroma!
After dinner, and the kiddos were washed and stacked in bed, Angi put the finishing touches on the Holiday decorations.  Well, I say "finishing touches" tongue and cheekly as I am SURE she will continue to tweak it throughout today!  Thanks to our buddy Daniel for supplying us with a tree this year (would NOT have had one had he had not) and this year it's a real one!  Angela has trimmed it out very beautifully.  Now I can only hope we may be able to put a few presents under it! 
TODAY, the repairs are already filing in, so I have to get to them right quick!  Bills to pay and all that!  Then...well...working seven days a week has left me on top of the ball, so I will have to REALLY dig to find something to do!  \
ALTHOUGH... The more folks who bring me stuff to do....(HINT HINT) will keep me from having to do.....
I hate busy work!
See y'all soon!

image 1
ONY $145.00!!
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!!

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