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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Jump and Jive!

Thanks to all the folks for making yesterday such a RESOUNDING success!!!  I was jumping from the get go and it hardly let up before closing!  SAH-WEEEEEET!  THAT is the kind of day we LOVE!  Especially the several folks who brought in their older, more "well loved" rides not wanting to give up on the ghost!  Of course, we were regaled with all too familiar tales of harrowing experiences with some of those "other" bike shops in town.  You know, the ones that snicker and turn up their noses at your choice of rides because you don't own a 5 gajillion dollar carbonanium framed, platinum plated road bike, and your not wearing head to toe spandex emblazoned in bright, neon colors, plastered with sponsor logo's (who don't really sponsor you but you feel "special" because you're wearing them). 
Sorry, do I sound jaded?
THANKFULLY, a few, before jettisoning their rides in a stream of refuse, prior to making the jump to light speed... (sorry, watched the Star Wars trilogy the other day...) heard about us from a benevolent friend, and brought them here in a last ditch effort to keep them rolling.  Thankfully we could help them all with a minimum cash output! 
And a shout out to some visiting folk from Texas (the good parts, NOT Houston!) who have a friend up there that does the same gig we do, as they happened to be riding by and were just curious as to see what we were all about!  I always love the opportunity to rail on about my favorite subject, ME!  No, just kidding, but it did give me another opportunity to tell the tale of how our family got into the schtick!  They were equally surprised as I was when we first started doing this that there wasn't anyone else around Florida that does what we do.  Not on a shop level that is.  Plenty of folks doing it out of their garage (and most are very fair and respectable folks, just watch out for the sharks!) but so far, we're the only ones to buck the nay sayers, and do it "SHOP STYLE!"
Also moved out several rides as well!  The custom Rat Rod, a couple hybrids and one other that escapes me now but I'll remember...OH YEA...the custom coaster-fixie "Alley Cat".  Although I support a persons right to customize a bike to their needs, they had me replace the straight bar with "cruiser" bars?  Enh!  Kind of messed up the look, BUT it's not my bike! 
Also got in a few newbies that I'm headed to work on now.  One, a REALLY nice looking K2!  That's gonna be SWEEEET when she's done!
Also, put out another of everyone's favorites...A "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!!"  Check it out below!
OK folks, gotta git and make some more magic!  See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $65.00!!!

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