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Saturday, December 6, 2014

"And isn't it a LOVELY morning?"

Well, if things weren't interesting enough, we have a new addition to the family!
Now before members of our extended family have simultaneous heart attacks, NO Angela did NOT have another baby!  No, we have taken in a waif.  A mutual friend of Elijah and Kalebs, who, shall we say, has not had an easy life, recently found himself homeless.  Having recently lost his Mother in "questionable" circumstances, he was unceremoniously booted from his lodgings.  With no were else to go he asked Angela if he could perhaps spend the evening to get his bearings straight.  It only took her mentioning he had lost his home, that I just stated "tell him to come here".  Well, that and te fact I could tell by the look in Angela's eyes that it was going to happen, regardless.  Yes, the young man was a tad bit surprised by that statement, as I am usually a genuine hard ass when it comes to visitors at the house.  I am a dominant Leo!  HA!  My Hutch, my brood sort of thing.  Truth is, although he has had some "problems" in the past, I have to chock up his younger, rebellious nature as a product of having to endure a really screwed up life.  It wasn't his fault.  All in all he's a good kid, courteous, respectful and conscientious.  He's still in school, trying to make up for the years he screwed around and wants to get his education and diploma, although he is of age and could drop out, he's making a go of it as well as trying diligently to find a job so he can stand on his own.  With that kind of drive and ambition I have no qualms about housing and feeding him for the time being.  People make mistakes in life, but they should be afforded the opportunity to make amends for it, sometimes all they need is a leg up, and a solid place to put it!  The only trouble is, his name is Kaleb as well. Get's a tad bit confusing from time to time!
Angela has hit the "annoyed" part of healing, wanting desperately just to be done with it, better and able to do her own thing again!  Sick and tired of just "resting".  We're going to try and get her out and about this evening (have to get a new Christmas tree...have NO idea what happened to the old one!) and see how she handles it!
So, yesterday was a wee bit of fun.  Yes, I did in fact get an opportunity to finally reorganize (most) of the videos, although I have to do the DVD's today!  As well as managing to put out a sweet looking "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!"  Once again, the day was absorbed doing repairs (thank you, thank you, thank you!) with a shout out from our Maine-ard friends for not giving up on their three wheeler.  She's running true once again! 
It being Saturday, the baby girls are hanging at home, as the older kids can help keep an eye on them.  Of course, Owen is here with me, as, well, he proves to be the biggest handful and instigator, so I'm helping keep the peace!  HA!
Picked up a few newbies yesterday, so I'm going to dive into them right quick, so my day should be a productive one!
Hope to see you all soon, and remember we are NOW open on Sundays as well! 
DO NOT make me regret it!  LOL!

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ONLY $65.00!!

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