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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Happy Post Holiday Recovery!!
Yes, we were open yesterday, I just didn't have the strength to think, therefore didn't write.
No I needed the day to recover from the commercially exploited, Anglo Saxon usurped, Pagan holiday celebrating the incorrect day of our Saviors birth.
Yes, the day when you spend money you cannot afford to buy children gifts they don't deserve and you spend the evening sweeping up all the broken pieces, while mentally calculating all the money you are about to throw away, while you listen to them fight over who gets to play the video game next, and chase after them with a bucket because their tummies don't agree with all the sugar they just imbibed! 
Merry Christmas!
In reverence to the Holiday, I will regale you of one of the more redeemable facets of the season, Christmas Movies!!!
Yes, today I give you...


Proof that Henry Winkler could be more then the Fonz!  His transformation at the end is quite heart warming, almost as pleasurable to watch him as a maniacal old curmudgeon!

This one, although heavily saturating the air waves in the past, is always a joy to watch this time of year.  The epitome of the Holiday season, and what to be thankful for. 

OK, low grade animation, but anyone my age can remember the treat of staying up late that time of year being treated to  popcorn, and the excitement of the spinning "SPECIAL PRESENTATION" proclaiming the forth coming attraction!  Not to mention Schroder's catchy Christmas jam, and the resultant dance fest.

Although there are a few versions ("Scrooged" being a close second) in my opinion this one is the best.  Mr. Scott portrays  the crotchety skinflint with exquisite execution making his realization and transformation at the end all that much more effective.  Not to mention, the chilling effect of the incidental music and sound effects of "The Ghost of Christmas Future"  *SHUDDER!* 

And the BEST Christmas move that epitomizes the true meaning of Christmas!

What's more Christmassy then a dysfunctional family, constant fighting, marital strife, infidelity, delinquent children, the pursuit of ill gotten wealth and being forced to spend time with family you really can't stand? Cap it off with the angry humor of Dennis Leary, and you CAN NOT go wrong!  Make's me smile every time! 

So there you have it! 
OK, so now, I'll leave you with our latest addition up for sale, and I'm gonna get back at it!

image 1
ONLY $130.00!!

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