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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Ingenuity Of Youth

Thanks to all for making yesterday another RESOUNDING success!  Sent home four rides to new homes, and two, going to "multiple return" customers made it all that much sweeter!  And thanks to them as well for being harbingers of referrals!  They themselves have, in the past, sent many others our way fully expecting we will make them JUST as satisfied! 
We do (he says patting himself on the back!)
Of course, as always, many repairs coming in as well!  Thanks to all for your continued trust!  Not to mention they very wonderful (and understanding) grandmother who brought in her grandsons heavily damaged MTB, after his older brother had a field day with it!  The thing was only a few months old, but given everything that had been trashed on it, may as well been a hundred years! 
Ah yes!  The GREAT riding weather is here!  I LOVE this time of year in Florida!  We have a few months ahead of us of quality "get off your butt, and ride" sunny skies ahead of us!  Just remember, summer, and the ickyness is not so far off! Enjoy this time while you can!
We managed to put out one really FINE looking ride yesterday!  WOOF!  Got in half of a 1999 K2 1000.  Gorgeous machine! By half, I mean, she was stripped, most components had been removed.  This was one of those "project" bikes a gent had, but just could never find the time to work on it.  Having recently cleaned out his garage, he needed to downsize, and this beauty had to go!  LUCKY US!!  Now tricked out with a set of Rock Shox forks, Front disc brakes, a NEW set of double wall alloy, 6 bolt disc brake rims, wrapped in an extra thick set of Bonterragger tires, she is ready to hit some SERIOUS off road!!
Also got in, on consignment, a FLAWLESS 2015 Windsor Essex single speed city bike!  This is a PEACH!!  And JUST in time to make a welcome addition to ANY Christmas tree!  Trust me, ladies if your husband or boyfriend TRULY  loves you, he WILL get this bike for you this year!  If not...well, perhaps it's time to reevaluate your relationship, and update your Facebook "relationship status!" 
(heh, heh)
SO, anyone reading this blog over the last few weeks (or who has visited our shop) will be aware of the fact that due to Angela's recent accident, and the resulting injuries, she is quite limited in what she can do (although she has been pushing herself a little TOO much to heal faster!) but, as with so much in life, you just can't keep her down for too long!  Anywho, as a result, the little ones come with me to the shop in the morning until Kaleb gets out of school then takes them home to keep an "eye" on them.  And I use the term "monitoring" loosely as far as he's concerned! 
It has been, illuminating and educating to say the least!  And with no small sense of begrudging respect, I relate the following.  They of course have most of the comforts of home, but they are confined to a small space.  Out of a sense of safety, I cannot give them free run of the shop, but keep them entertained in the back.  As a precaution, I have one of the baby gates from home placed firmly in the door way, and elevated to keep Izzy from constantly climbing over.  Well, that's the idea anyway.  Quickly she discovered, slide the chair over, help Miranda out and then herself and they are soon standing next to me grinning.  My solution?  Remove the chair, and elevate the gate higher.  This action lasted for less then a day.  They quickly discovered, working together, if each one pushed down on either side of the gate, they could then make it low enough to successfully climb over.  The first time, was quiet, so having been lulled into a false sense of security, I was unaware of their success until they walked up to the counter!  ARRGH!! NOW, I have the gate, and an elaborate construct of fenders hanging from the door in the hope that the resulting calamitous noise will alert me to their escape!  Well, that and having regrettably, shut and bolted the back door.  No breezeway for us!!
ANYWHO, I best get a move on.  Has been quite busy this AM, and has taken far to long to get todays update entered.  I have thus far accumulated four more rides this morning (one being an awesome Trek 700 "BIG BOY" framed Cross!) and I want to get 'em done!
See ya all soon!

*OK!  This is NOT fair!!!  These girls are smarter then me!!!  My homemade alarm was NO MATCH for their intuitive little brains!  Had I not been standing near the door, I would have NEVER believed it!  They quickly realized, if they opened the door just enough to get their little hands through they could quietly lift the fenders off the door knob, then sneak out!!!  Next step, DUCT TAPE THEM TO THE WALL!!! 
Just kidding!
image 1
ONLY $240.00!!!!

image 1
1999 K2 1000!!!
ONLY $210.00!!!

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