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Thursday, December 4, 2014

All Hands On Deck!!!

I must be getting better or just acceptant.
We have settled into a new routine around the house, in the absence of Mommy's mobility and dexterity.  Owen, surprisingly, has taken more of an active role in helping out and ensuring that the necessary chores are accomplished, going so far as learning, quite quickly, how to do laundry as well as helping with the dishes (although that did take a little bit of a tutorial from Dad).  Logan, is always quick to respond to requests for assistance, and has even overcome his squeamishness of changing a diaper now and then for Miranda.  Rozlynd...enh.  Getting her to do anything, and do it competently is akin to removing a wisdom tooth with a rusty, inadequate pair of broken pliers,  "Painful and pointless".  As she FULLY embraces her heritage of Yankee and ornery Irish woman, she possesses NO qualms at telling me EXACTLY what she thinks about ANYTHING.
However, much to the chagrin of Angela, who is quite prim and proper when it comes to etiquette, and how children should talk to their parents, I cannot help but get a twinge of pride each time Rozy "sounds off" about any perceived injustice.  She's growing into a strong, opinionated young woman who does NOT shy away from confrontation.  Yes, it may be a pain from time to time to have to bang your head against a wall when you ask her to do something, but the strength of character she is developing is absolutely what a young lady needs.
Momma is showing some signs of improvement, thankfully.  Less pain (even without the pain killers) and a slight bit more mobility in her arm.  Still, she cannot perform tasks that require two hands, such as pick up a child or change a diaper...hence why...Izzy and Miranda are hanging with Daddy this morning!
HOWEVER, very shockingly, last time went off with very minimal hitches!  Will wonders never cease.  I think it helps that they have their own room to hang out and a plethora of NEW movies they have never seen on VHS!  See honey, I KNEW it was a good idea to start carrying movies here!
Hee hee.
OK, on to work!
Yesterday was an odd bird.  Sold the three wheel recumbent right off the bat. Well, a deposit anyway, as they need to come back with a truck next week to retrieve it, then a couple repairs first thing then the day all but died!  A couple looky loo's and a few conversations, but nothing else. I managed to put out a really sharp looking Schwinn Aluminum Comp Mountain bike, but then only had a couple tear downs and thought I had run out of things to do, until , quite by accident, discovered that I did in fact have a decent set of road bike tires so I could build up the REALLY sweet older Schwinn road bike!  So, now tore down, cleaned and partially assembled she's gonna be ready to go shortly!
Then I will REALLY be out of goodies to build!
ALTHOUGH, I have sworn myself to motivation, and I am GOING TO reorganize the video section today!
Lot's of folks have rediscovered the majesty that IS VHS, and have been perusing our selection quite regularly.  However, NOT always putting them away in order. 
So, that's on my "Honey-Do" list for today.
OK, so on with the day! 
See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $110.00!!!!
image 1
ONLY $95.00!!!

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