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Monday, December 1, 2014

Full Plate!

Happy Monday, folks!!
Ooooo, does that much cheeriness disturb you?
So, a very full weekend!
Saturday had us jumping!  Sent home the Schwinn Jaguar to a very appreciative gent, who's friend was doing him a solid by hooking him up with some transport, even going so far as to trade in one of his older rides (what will become a very sharp looking Pre-Walmart Mongoose MTB!  In my rack now!) And the highlight of the day was a HILLARIOUS "ten minute rule"!  Actually, it was more like a 3 second rule!  Had a very nice couple, upper middle class come in looking for a "nice" higher end ride for him.  She has a really sharp Specialized MTB, she wants to make "street" (NO problem!) and they wanted something comparable for him.  As they were eyeing both the SWEET Raleigh MTB and the Schwinn Trailway we just got in (more about that in half a mo) another couple came in, we greeted each other, and as I continued to talk to the first couple, the new arrivals listened in rapt attention.  I spoke of the benefits of both rides (altogether having a different ride feel) and recommended the Raleigh would suit his purposes better (and it was cheaper!).  He really liked it, took both of them for a ride, and stated he did prefer the feel of the Raleigh and was definitely sold on it...
They were going to "think" about it...
The first couple left, and I turned to the patient new arrivals and as I opened my mouth to ask how I could help them, the gent just politely cut me off simply saying "sold".
As it turns out, he had bought a real gem from us about a year ago, a really nice older Specialize "Hard Rock" and stated he KNEW he'd find a real find for his girlfriend who now wanted to ride with him.  He felt the Raleigh was perfect, and was just waiting and hoping the first couple wouldn't buy it.  So in the end, as always, the bike finds the rider.
And, as is customary, thanks to all the repairs that came in and the trust you place in us!  ALWAYS appreciated!  Stayed a little later, as a matter of fact, as three repairs come in, last hour of the day, and really wanted them for Saturday riding.  Who am I to refuse anyone eager to get out and ride!  Especially on such a beautiful day! 
On to Sunday!
Angela's birthday was on Sunday, and she turned.....NAH!  That would be telling!  NEVER discuss a ladies age!  But she still looks damn good for turning......HA!  Thought you had me there, didn't you!?
Sadly, the plans we originally had for her day had to be put on hold.  As is often the case this time of year, money is a wee bit tight.  To further compound the problem, is her recent injuries.  She's healing up rather well, although still in quite a bit of pain and discomfort, especially as she is still having to sleep sitting up, which in turn hurts her back.  But, she is doing the best she can with the hand dealt her.  And as our plans were for her to get more ink, well, the thought of having to lay on her side for three hours on a  padded table having her skin repeatedly scrapped and poked....not so much, even though she insisted she could handle it! 
Instead, I made her and the kiddos a special brunch, then we did the whole party, presents, cards and cake thing.
Of course, earlier in the day after coming back from the shop and shopping...
oh yea, failed to mention, had a gent call on Sunday interested in the Redline Mini, as is often the case on our Sundays off I get several phone calls wondering if we are open (more on THAT in half a mo) and that today was the only day he could get down to grab it.  We obliged by coming in and opening up for about half an hour, and as it turns out had four other folks come in to grab a few things. 
Ok, I know, I'm all over the place today, but it is a WEIRD day! (more on THAT in about a full mo) My brain is going in thirty directions at once.
OK...let me cover the Mo's...
First, yes, picked up a SWEET Schwinn Trailway hybrid on Saturday on consignment.  2014 model only rode once.  Sadly, the gent who owns it has fibro-myalgia.  He thought the exercise may help (I applaud his effort) but after one short ride, realized not.  So it sat for a coupe of months then he decided to just get rid of it.  I mean this is in PRISTINE condition! We also managed to put up another "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!" as well!
Second, in response to all the calls we get on Sunday's, starting this coming Sunday we will now be open seven days a week (again) and Sundays will be 9-3, so mark it in your Day minder we'll be here for you!
And third, weird day.  Angela, still recovering, really only has the limited use of one arm.  With all the kiddos back in school, she has no back up with the two little girls still at home, and as our older boy was supposed to be here this morning to help, but in his usual fashion waited until nine O'clock last night to let us know he wouldn't be here until mid afternoon, our only recourse was to have me bring Izzy and Miranda here.
So...ok....I DO love my kids...but...Miranda is a wee bit of a handful!  Thankfully, they seem to have excepted the baby gate on the door of the "Kiddo Klubhouse" and have, for the most part, allowed me to work so far and enjoy some of the plethora of kids movies we got!
As far as the rest of Sunday (see...jumping around again) All the little ones played outside for the majority of the afternoon, EVEN Logan, who more often then not is curled up in a ball with his face two inches from his cell phone screen!  It made me wonder though, as I watched them run about, just when did kid play embrace the care free frivolity intermingling with George Romero? 
See when I was a kid, we did the bikes, climbed trees, played hide and seek....etc.  What do MY kid's play?  "Final Zombie Apocalypse"! 
They picked sides, assigned who was the Zombies and who were the survivors, assigning points for chest shots, limbs lost, and double taps to the head.  And if the Zombie got you, you too became infected, or if they pinned you, you were food.
Oh yea, more and more I come to realize we ARE the "Addams Family"
da-da-da-dump...dump....dump's some picks of the onslaught!

 Even Baby Miranda got in on the action, defending her homestead with her trusty "Ba-Ba"!

And the party....

All in all a really good day!  So, OK, I'm going to see if I can actually get some REAL work done!  I leave you with pics of the two newbies!
See ya soon! 
And don't worry about the girls, they don't bite!

image 1
ONLY $65.00!!
image 1
ONLY $225.00!!!

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