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Friday, December 5, 2014

'Tis The Season!

Yes, we LOVE this time of year!  And for one most marvelous reason!
Heh, heh!
It's the time of year when friends and family gather together for parties, get together's, luncheons etc., all resulting in ONE thing.  TONS of leftovers!!'
As it has been LONG established, our family is the local charity case!  Whenever any of our good RE-Cycle friends get together, it's pretty much guaranteed that within a day or two, someone is dropping off a plethora of goodies at the house!  We send a big shout out to Joe from Boston, who treated us to a variety of Italian inspired treats yesterday.  Twas a good, minimal input dinner for the family last night of stuffed Manicotti and chicken drumsticks!  Not to mention a spicy sauce of sausage and meatballs! YUM!  As well as a bevy of snack foods, that will be devoured tonight, I'm sure, for "Family Movie Night".  I do have to pause, though, and extend our sympathy for what he is currently having to endure.  I hope it is peaceful, Joe. Truly.
OK, so on to work!
Yesterday was another Odd Bird!  We had a rush first thing, several repairs came and went within the first couple hour, then relatively quite.  A good thing, in retrospect, as the girls start to get yancy toward early afternoon, bored with watching movies and playing with toys and coloring books, they want to come out and "help" Daddy.  Oh boy!  And I'll tell you, Miranda has a REAL talent for destruction!  Seriously, demolition could be her calling.  Both her and Izabella were given a new coloring book and crayons, bestowed upon them when we arrived yesterday.  About 15 minuets later I poked my head in the back to check on them, and she had reduced her box of 24 to crumbs!  I mean, I have NO idea how she pulverized them without the benefit of a hammer!  She's good!
They stayed a little later then usual, as Kaleb had to pick up more supplies for the shop.
Finally got out the SWEET vintage Schwinn World Tourer (try finding "Tourer" on spell check!) and she is a beaut!  Paint is a little rough, but it's all original!
Then as the day wore down, the sun set and as the lights outside came on, we were once again swamped with repairs in the last half hour of the day.  Thankfully, managed to get them all done as the customers waited, and sent one more ride home with a very excited young man!
On to today!  Picked up a couple more goodies yesterday, although one may just be a parts ride, at least got a potentially good men's 26" cruiser out of the deal! 
Needless to say, never got around to the videos yesterday, but perhaps I'll find the time to get them organized today.
Hey, stranger things can happen!
Hope to see you soon!

image 1
ONLY $140.00!!!

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