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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Dive In, The Waters Great!

It's that time of year again! 
The day after Turkey day, or perhaps the day of, when the throngs of crazed bargain hunters kick, claw and bite their way to save a few bucks on stuff they really didn't need in the first place.  So, as you can guess, I was here yesterday and NO where near any of the madness!  Had a few of our regulars come in and chat me up as they themselves had attempted to brave the throngs in search of bargains.  To hear them tell it, it was akin to being in the middle of a John Guillermin disaster movie, where all the little two legged collateral damage's are running about higgly piggly!  And for what?  An item you could have just as easily ordered online from the comfort of your own Iphone or laptop for less then you paid on "discount"?  Really, makes NO sense to me!  I am SOOO not a shopper.  Oh, don't get me wrong, I'm a consumer and a capitalist, but unless there's a sudden food shortage and I have to do battle for my families food, getting in a slap fight over a marked down pair of cargo shorts is not in my future. 
No, I'll buy my chotskies on Ebay or Amazon, thank you very much.
And of course, the day after Black Friday (yes, I understand why they call it that, but I have always thought the name was a tad bit funereal) has become known as small business Saturday.  Here's my thought, how come we come last?  I mean, doesn't it always make more sense to keep your money local?  It's what fuels our economy and feeds our community.  Isn't that better then giving all your hard earned cash to some faceless conglomerate that's just going to take the bulk of it, stash it away in some Cayman Island account to avoid paying any American tax dollars, which in turn forces US as a country to have to work even harder to pay off the HUGE mounting debt we owe to China?  I mean, you go to Wal-Mart, spend half your paycheck on stuff MADE in China, that you know darn well is going to be broken in a few days anyway, forcing you to go out and buy MORE Chinese, poorly made junk, sending even MORE money to them, while not benefitting our country in ANY way!
"WHEN WILL THE INSANITY END!?!?"  No folks, KEEP your money locally and keep it in our country!  Seriously.  Walk through a Walmart parking lot, look at the cars, and count how many American flag bumper stickers you see (or in some case actual American Flags).  You WILL be amazed.  Quite frankly, I'd like to hand out Chinese flag bumper stickers to all those folks and say "Might as well!  It's YOUR money supporting THEIR country, not ours!" 
Sorry, do I sound a tad bit jaded?
Hey, it's been a while since I had a good rant!
Needless to say, as to be expected, yesterday was a tad bit slooooooooooowwwwwwwww.  We were blessed to have several visitors though.  One gent in particular, kind of inspired the above rant.  I'll tell you why.  He came in with a Schwinn Tourist.  Nice enough hybrid, tad bit on the "cheaply made" side (China) but does the job in a pinch.  We ourselves have sold many in the past (side note: YES, we do sell bikes made in China (and having been originally sold in Walmart and the like) BUT we call them "RE-MADE in America!" as we fix ALL their inherent flaws!) .
He bought the bike about two years ago.  Although, to look at it, it had been "well loved" for those two years.  He brought it in to have the wheels trued, but the rear was completely gone.  Bad axel, bearings and bent to bajebuz!  The front was scarcely better, and to top it off, just about every other component on the bike was failing, or according to him, had been problematic since shortly after he bought it new.  Now, HERE'S the rub!  As we talked about the bike, and he ranted on about all the problems he had with the bike, I suggested he just ditch it, and we'd get him on a better, sturdier ride. I introduced him to the gorgeous Raleigh we have, priced well below what he paid for the Schwinn, but yet he hemmed and hawed.  Then, as a couple more folks came in, and he was pondering his choices, I helped them.  As we were talking, I noticed him take out his Iphone, obviously researching something.  Once the other folks were gone, and I turned my attention back to him, he made the declaration that he was going to skip trying to fix his Schwinn and "just go back to Walmart and buy a new one!  THEY'RE ON SALE TODAY!"
Dumbfounded, and with little response applicable to such a curious thought, I acquiesced and wished him well.
See, THIS has become the American mentality!  THIS is what we have come to ACCEPT as our fate.  Spend our money on something, realize it was NOT worth what we paid for it...but then go back and buy ANOTHER one!?!?
Seriously.  He had an opportunity to purchase a WELL MADE bicycle, that would have lasted him YEARS and paid about 22% of what it originally sold for, but he's going to go back to Walmart, pay twice as much, and just buy himself another problem?
America, I weep for us, and China laughs!
Yes, that will do for my rants today, thanks for listening!
Did manage to put out another new ride yesterday (heh, heh....guess maybe I should have held off on the rant...'cause this one's a Schwinn!  BWA-HA-HA-HA!) and also got through another batch of scrappings, as well as the blessed repairs!
Today, it's on to another couple builds, with repairs later (waiting on parts) so TODAY get out there and give the little guy some bill paying money! 
thanks folks!

image 1
ONLY $75.00

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