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Monday, May 18, 2015

"Wisdom is the quality that keeps you from getting into situations where you need it."

REALLY!  I need to get one those "slap timer clocks" Uncle Chippie recommended, hang it on the wall, big red digital countdown, and every time someone comes in, looks at a bike, and loves it but wants to "think about it", I "WHACK IT" with gusto!!
Yes folks, our weekly infusion of "salt in the sound" has come around again!  Well, in a way. This one has a 'happy ending" (and NO, they didn't have to pay extra!) of sorts.  Had a gent come in on Saturday, had been out running the gambit of local shops for a nice urban hybrid, as he's looking for exercise that may turn into commuting. HEY!  We're all for that.  Another one suffering from sticker shock, not realizing just how expensive "New" bikes had gotten in the 20 odd years since he rode as a teen.  He told me his needs and wants, and given his stature, both the Peugeot and Marin we had were a good fit.  He test rode both, and liked both, but the Peugeot more for the new C-9 seat it had, but he preferred the Marin over all. Can't say as I blame him.  Of course, as some are prone to do, he wanted to negotiate price.  Again, I remind you, I have NO problem with negotiating, but he was a tad bit off, given the fact it was not only a gem of a ride, but a scarce commodity in this market flooded with Mountain Bikes!  I countered, and he hemmed and hawed, looked at them both again, and said he would have to think about it. 
About the time he was pulling out of the parking lot a couple and their two kiddos came in looking for a replacement ride for the oldest boy who had outgrown his 16", by a mile!  He needed to get on a 20".  They looked at a couple, but as the Mom was planning "days out" with the young men who had happily, recently rediscovered the joys of riding, needed a ride as well, and was overcome by the sexy gravitational pull of the Peugeot.  Even though they couldn't find the "right one" for the young man, they willingly snagged up the ride for her. 
After they were loaded up and on their way, the first gent return, to continue negotiations, in regards to the Peugeot, and was quite alarmed to see it no longer here.  I just shrugged, and reiterate my earlier statements regarding the brevity of a bikes shelf life around here.  And given the fact that I had only had that ride for thirty minuets before he had come in, in the first place.  Now, he was looking a LOT harder at the Marin.  Making the smart choice, he snagged it up (and a good thing, because the person walking into the shop, as he and I were talking, had come in to look at the Marin, specifically!)
See, these little reports are a lot like Aesop's Fables, meant to teach the moral,  "He who hesitates, is lost"
In addition to that, we had a funny!  A very nice lady had come into the shop to get a tube change on a , "enh"...let's say...well loved 15 speed.  As it turned out, she would also need a new tire as it was worn to threads, but she looked about and ended up going home with another bike, in the way of the Ladies 26" DBS we had, sighting the fact that it wasn't that much more to just buy another bike!  HOW many place can say that in reference to a tire and tube change!  OH YES!  We are that good! (OUCH!! Threw out my arm patting my back!) 
Boy, I should have become a rapper, considering the size of my ego!
OH, that reminds me, forgive the mild "ethnic" humor, but on the way into work this morning, plodding along with Suzanne sniffing about for a place to do her business, we came up upon some young, black teenage men on their way to school.  Now, when I go in to work, I have my blue tooth speaker on the bike, boogying out to my "Jams" and I have a WIDE range of musical tastes from classical violin to "Five Finger Death Punch" and everything in between!  Of course, given the hilarious sense of humor "happenstance" has, about ten feet behind the eight young men, leisurely chatting amongst themselves, Suzanne decided that was the spot to do her business.  Mind you, the blue tooth speaker is a 360 degree sound system, not at all quiet, and given my decreased hearing, I listen to it at about full volume (once I leave my neighborhood, of course).  It plays the Pandora off my phone, and my phone is tucked into my pocket with all the other junk and not easy and quick to get to, for a fast "turn down" should something be playing of questionable content. Heh.  Somewhat oblivious to my surroundings, I had been half listening to Harry Belafonte's song "Pick A Bale Of Cotton", but I became keenly aware of it, as I stood within ear shot, of this rather large group, when the chorus "You got to jump down, turn around and pick a bale of cotton
You got to jump down and turn around and pick a bale a day!" came blaring out behind them!  For a brief  moment I felt a little like Rex Kramer: Danger Seeker from "The Kentucky Fried Movie" (Google it, you'll see what I mean (be warned, it is a TAD bit offensive!)0 when they all turned and looked at me, as if to say "WHAT THE..."  But, thankfully, they all seem to have a great sense of humor as they saw the apologetic lilt of my face, and burst into laughter! 
OY!  Monday!  What else can I say!!
SO, anyway!
Picked up a few more goodies on Saturday, I will be turning my attention too, not to mention a few repairs (although I still am awaiting parts) and have to dry fit the new "Truck" project.  As this one is going to be used in downtown Saint Pete for daily deliveries, we're going with NEW wheels and tires all the way around, with heavy duty 12 gauge spokes, so going to have to wait a few days for that order, of course, coming out of Indiana.  Once everything is caught up, going to try and jump back on the book. it's really kicking into gear, and even though it strays from the original outline a wee bit (more characters being added constantly to move it along!) going to let it keep going and see where it leads!
Allrighty-roo!  Best get at it!
See y'all soon!!


  1. Steven-

    You were close on the moral to your story, but it should be this, in big letters over your front counter:


  2. Maybe, He who negotiates is lost.?

  3. Ah, but John, he DOES negotiate.

    There are so few bicycle shops here that handle used bikes- I only know of one other- the idea that you might go find a better deal elsewhere is simply ludicrous. (And that from a guy that does like the other shop as well.)

    Steve's motto should be "BUY IT OR ELSE", but he's just too nice to be that blunt.

    Me, I'm not that nice.

    So buy it or else.

  4. Heh! John. Negotiating is fine. Actually i LIVE to dicker, and give folks a break, especially if they have an urge to ride. No, there are only two rules in our shop, reasonable, and respectable. Asking me to cut a price in half, is just unrealistic. I've often asked folks "would you willingly do your job for half your salary? " and don't be rude or degrading. We treat everyone with the same kindness and respect we want to be shown, but (and I REALLY want to hang a sign to this effect "the degree of a-hole i can become is proportional to the one you come in as"