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Saturday, May 2, 2015

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”_ Maya Angelou"

OK, before I forget, I need to clarify something, and perhaps even put a PSA on the blog.  Recently, for some odd reason, I have had some folks come in or call regarding a Bicycle we posted on the blog.  No,  THAT'S not the odd part, it's the fact that  there are some variants out there of how are blog is presented, and what format they use.  IPhones and the like don't reproduce all three common columns of the Blog. If you're on a PC you see the center part as the body of text with the pictures of rides we produced that day.  To the left is a picture list of what's still available, and to the right, pictures and info of a more personally pertinent persuasion.  The confusion lies in the fact that, whereas, we DO edit the column to the left (IE: remove the bikes we no longer have)  we DO NOT go back into the body of text and remove them there!  No, we leave them in as a record of what we have built in the past, as a representation of our masterful skill (*ahem*--cough, cough!) SO, as a result, those with the other, slightly annoying format, assume that everything in the blog is still available.  "ENH...not so much!"  We offer, and update the "What's Still Here" column (which is, believe me, a time consuming pain to update each day) as the majority of our stock will rotate within 48 hours.  Sad part is, some folks will make the trek here to pick up a bike they saw, only to find we had already sold it, in yesterdays case, over a year ago!  So please, we ask, should you see a ride listed that you like, and you have a drive to get here, just call ahead first to make sure it's still here, and let us know you're coming to get it so we can put it aside.  EVEN if it was listed, only that day!
Yesterday, we were blessed, briefly, with a few repairs, but not until later in the day.  Managed to put out the remaining ride we'd been working on from the day before, but as it was pretty much finished anyway...?  Took about five minutes to do!  Giving up the ghost, and with nothing left to do, went ahead and did "What-Not Box" sorting! 
Surprisingly, that didn't take too long either! 
At this point, with nothing and I mean, NOTHING, left to do, I decided to indulge myself!  I have been, for awhile now, wanting to spend some time working on one of my books.  And with nothing left to do, started to pump it out.  Not an easy feat, given the frustration of "Sticky Keys" on my keyboard!  BUT, managed to put down (and I LOVE the fact the MS Word gives you a word count) 8345 words.  Although, I may have to go back and break it up into a couple chapters.  It's going to be a long one.  I'm not sure of the excepted average length of a common novel nowadays, but this story spans the course of, roughly, 1500 years, and covers a lot of characters, so, who knows!  Pretty much writing itself at the moment!
At least I have something to keep me occupied during the course of the summer months!
Now, I'm going to polish off the last remaining repair, do a tear down...and see where the day takes me!!

image 1
ONLY $75.00!!!


  1. Ok, let's see... The more-or-less normally accepted minimum word count for a novel is 50,000 words. (All of my non-fiction was contracted to be NO MORE THAN 50,000 words.) My rhyming novel came to 54,000 words, but my regular novels are built on a 100,000 word minimum. (My record is 261,600 words- my sci-fi epic.) I usually construct them as twenty chapter books with a minimum of 5,000 words per chapter.

    Hope that helps.

  2. well, this one is DEFINATELY fiction, so perhaps I can dispence with maximum limits, as it promises to be epic in size (perhaps not content though!)

  3. The maximum limits were all for non-fiction. Not sure if you usually face such limits in fiction unless you are Stephen King. His publisher trimmed The Stand rather radically for its first printing.

    Write the book you want to write, the way you want to write it. Worry about the edits later.