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Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Inactivity Means Death_Moussolini

WOWZERS!!!  What an incredibly busy day yesterday!  Had swarms of people descending upon our little shop with a slew of repairs and buying us out down to the wall studs!  INCREDIBLE!!!
That's what I WISH I could say! 
BUT...the reality was....?
'Twer it not for punting away on fleshing out some characters in the book, I would have had NO justification for being here!  Oh, we had the occasional Looky Loo's, but they were of the "just checking things out, because everything else is closed" variety.  Not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you.  We have had a lot of returns from folks who were "just checking us out" either in coming in later when they found need for a bike or a repair, or they have referred us to someone who did.  But, as I have said before, not having things to do while I am here, makes me feel more tired then if I was actually humping all day long.  At least I did manage to receive the necessary wood for the new "truck" build.  Even though we're STILL waiting on the wheel set I figure I can build the box separate, then mount it to the frame.  Might actually be easier that way!  I know the new owner is chomping at the bit to see this thing done, but one cannot rush art!  (*SNORT*  GUFFAW!!!!)
The biggest challenge on this one is going to be finding someone to mix the desired paint scheme.  Don't even know where to begin looking for that!  Oh well, thankfully, all things seem to come together in the end, at the last bloody minute as it were! 
Needless to say, I have nothing new to show off, as everything that can be built HAS been built! 
At the urging of the boss, she gave me permission to close up early and head home for an earlier dinner and some chill time. As it turns out, cooped up children breed hyper energy, and the house was in chaos as the evening progressed.  Logan and Owen, hard at their reenactment of the fight scenes from 300, needed to be separated with the aid of a Styrofoam "floaty" tube.  It always starts off as friendly rough housing but quickly degrades into fisticuffs because someone took a dirty shot, or some such. 
Owen, had taken his birthday money and took a trip to the Dollar Store, and amongst all the things he COULD have bought, picked up a really annoying set of toy guns (you know, the ones with firing sounds) and Miranda was walking around the house for a half an hour with the trigger set to "constant".  What Machiavellian sadist designed these bloody things ANYWAY!!! All I know is, they must never have had any children of their own!  Eventually, they slowly calmed down, and in an attempt to get Mommy and Daddy's "peaceful" evening off to a start, we put the girls to bed, with a wee bit of story time, and hoped for the best.  Unfortunately (even though Angela warned me and I didn't listen!) the bloody summer skies don't get dark much before 9pm around here, soooooo little Miss Miranda was having none of it!  Mrs. Izabella, her erstwhile sidekick (not too far removed from Vlad's "Renfield") wouldn't calm either.  Sooooo, Daddy fell, somewhat, asleep on the couch holding both little girlies whilst watching "Monsters Inc".

  Sad thing is, after a day of inactivity, and the begrudgingly cozy feeling of cuddling up with the two wee ones, once we got them back into bed, Daddy was, in a word, "Pooped".  Of course, this was much to the chagrin of a patiently doting Angela, who had had plans of her own for the evening.  Of course, ever the understanding sort, she tucked Daddy up for the evening.
OH, it really sucks getting old and set in your ways!!
Today...?  Just picked up a couple more kiddo bikes, with three more on their way back and these things are WAY clean!  Grandma picked them up for visiting grandkids, who, like most kiddo's in America today, really do nothing with their time that doesn't include a handheld or game controller!  Needless to say, they barely got any more movement then being shuttled back and forth in the garage!  Hopefully some adventurous youth will find more purpose for them, other then a laundry rack! 
Now, I am off to start pulling nails and screws out of repurposed wood, then make some noise in the back ripping it down!  If you are paying us a visit, just follow the sound of the table saw out back if you need me!

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