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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Things You Can Do With Scrap!!!

Yesterday was all about repairs!  Thank you, so very much, to all the folks for their valued trust and continual visitations!  Trust me, it's the best kind of visit, sight better then when the little gray guys show up!  Always end up very sore in my nethers when their done with me! 
And it was a real side step from the norm, as everyone came right in and snagged up their rides when I was done with 'em!  Normally I gotta wait a few days for some folks to come back in.  In the past, that's just been a reflection of the time folks allot for this kind of errand, as they have been used to other places that take three or four days to finish up with a repair.  Folks are starting to get the point that we do most, same day! 
(Ah yes, any chance to work in a free plug!)
Sadly, nothing new to pimp, for two reasons, the aforementioned repairs and lack of anything to work with!  *Sad Face!*   Truth be told, though, I am not completely heartbroken in that respect regarding a lack of things to do yesterday.  Was pushing it getting the repairs pumped out, as I am feeling the creeping cruds that the kiddo's brought home.  Not the worse it's ever been, but enough to give you head and body aches! ICK!  Once I had everyone taken care of, was able to just sit and bang away on the book.  Problem always is, most of the time, if there is something to do, I will do it.  I don't like idle time, something about the devils hand caressing your buttocks, or something like that. 
God...I'm in a weird mood this morning!
And no, it's not because of Nyquil!  Nyquil is my Kryptonite, and if the sickies get bad enough, I have been known to succumb to it's allure!  Oh, give me a shot of Nyquil and no joke, in fifteen minuets I'm delirious and drooling on myself.  Many is the time Angela has been forced to cover me up with a blanket where ever I dropped, because I didn't have the foresight to lay in bed right after taking it!  No, I save that for the most extreme cases! 
Oh, trip down memory lane!  Hence the happenstance of America's Melting Pot, Florida!  Yes folks, every American eventually ends up here!  Just had a visit from a gent down from my neck of the woods!  Small world, that brought back a flood of memories which reminded me of how long I have held an affinity for junk.  Or more specifically, for what junk could become.  Before recycling and repuroposing became fashionable, I dabbled in it, continuously!  You grow up in rural New Hampshire, you find fun where you can.  I noticed the distinct Yankee accent as he came in to inquire about a hybrid, and we got to talking.  About ten years my senior, turns out he was born and raised in Kingston NH!  For those not in the know, twas but a stones through away from my youthful stomping grounds.  Of course, he remembered fondly Kingston Lake and "Bolton's" restaurant located just beyond the boat launch, and he too, held fond epicurean memories of their hand battered onion rings! DAH-ROOOL, DAH-ROOOL!
Come to find out, he cut his teeth in the labor market working with his dad that owned a scrap yard in Brentwood NH!!! This is where the surrealism of it all hit home, because there were only two scrap yards in Brentwood, and I hung out and worked in both! When I asked when that was he stated "Early 80's" WOW!  At this point, pushing the boundaries of coincidences, I asked if he remembered a wiry, scrawny pre-teen who would hang out in the work shop stripping down alternators and starters for the copper in exchange for the odd pieces of junk that he could carry home?  He became thoughtful, then as if a light bulb went off, he smiled and exclaimed "YEA!  I remember having to pull him out from underneath a pile of aluminum that fell on him when he was digging through for some old McDonald's timers!  Heh!  I had all but forgotten about that.  I stuck out my hand for him to shake, and jokingly said "Thanks, again, for saving my life!"  You could have knocked us both over with a feather! 
It is SOOO a small world, folks!!
Oh, by the way, the McDonalds timers had cool switches, and coupled with a lot of odd's and ends, an old metal cabinet, a trucks bench seat and some duct work, me and a friend turned an old horse trailer stuck in our back field into our own personal "Millenium Falcon".  As I said, finding fun where you can!
OKAY.  I best get off the past, and look forward.  Hope to see y'all soon!

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