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Friday, May 1, 2015

"All I know is that in this outfit I feel like a total femme. And you know what? I don't have a problem with it!" -Tom Servo.

Well, at least I got away with not having to do busy work yesterday!  As stated, jumped right on the Peugeot hybrid and was lucky enough to find two 700 tires that had good tread and no dry rot!  YAY!  Such is the power of not throwing things away!  While working on that one had a gent come in and snag up the 26" dual shock Mongoose we put out that morning and leave us a ladies Schwinn Jet in it's place!  Nice, lightweight aluminum 18 speed comfort cruiser!  Needed a LOT of work as well, but she's looking the peach now!  Jumped right on her as soon as the other was finished.  Thankfully, yet again, while working on THAT one, had another gent bring me in an Avalon comfort cruise in exchange for the 24" dual shock MTB!  In both cases, the young men had grown somewhat weary riding something that was classified, a ladies bike!  No worries!  I'm sure we will QUICKLY find new homes for them!  The Avalon is about 90% done in the rack, and going out shortly.  After that, well my fingers are crossed for the Friday stream of repairs, and possibly picking up some more newbies, but I do have two Dutch folding bikes we got in last week.  Not quite sure what I'm going to do with them, as they are REALLY rough, but we'll see!  Trying to keep the amount of build up in Bone Row to a minimum. And in a rare "across the isle" show of non partisanship, got in a few looky loos, and promised returns from a few referrals.  and these were not the kind we're used to, from friends, relatives or neighbors helping folks out to find a ride.  Oh Nay, Nay!  these came from four separate bike shops within Florida...and one from Indiana!?  We'll cover the last one first, because it caught me the MOST off guard!  A young couple, residing up there, were driving down to stay with his folks for the summer (odd, I know, most folks avoid Florida summers!) and, hearing of the great trail riding we have down here, went into their local bike shop to procure a couple good rides.  Now here's where I resoundingly applaud the shop owner, for putting the customer first!  As he was a "New" bike shop, upon learning of their vacation plans (and the diminutive size of their transportation) he recommended they take advantage of OUR vacation plan!!  WOW!  Thank you sir!  wish I had the foresight to have asked the name of the shop so I could give them proper props!  As far as the others, we have, humbly, become accustomed to some of the shops in our area giving out our name (and in some cases business cards) to folks not in a position to invest heavily in a new ride, or an expensive repair for that matter. Seems that, over the years, they have begrudgingly accepted that there is a need for a shop that deals in used.  Surprisingly though, this time around, none of the other four are what I would call local.  Perhaps it's the fact that over the last thirteen years of not driving anywhere, distance ha somewhat shrunk for my perception, and anything over about twenty miles seems like a day trip!  But, in the case of these folks, who for all intents and purposes, were just browsing, had come a reported "distance" to get here.  In one case a three hour drive!  Now, I know that can mean just trying to get ten miles on 275 during rush hour, but as this was the middle of the day, they came a ways!  Two other "towns" given out were the outskirts of Miami, and Key West.  Key West!?!  I thought there was a bike shop on every corner down there!  True, I'm sure they probably had other things to do that drew them here, but still... makes you feel real proud that they'd take the time to drop in and see us!  Not to mention, the shops in their towns sent them! 
Now, gonna jump back on the Avalon, and figure out where to go from there!
See ya soon!

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ONLY $145.00!!
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ONLY $70.00!!

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  1. I'm diggin' that Peugeot- An excellent city bike!