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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Stagnation Breeds Contempt.

Hmmm?  Ok, I guess I don't have a good working theory of why we have occasional number spikes in our viewers, as apparently they have nothing to do with tag lines or key word searches!  After my impromptu (and silly) experiment yesterday, the numbers this morning were rather usual. 
Yesterday was a day of desperation, as I was desperately trying to find something to work on! ah-yuck-yuck! Tore down the other triathlon bike, did a nice black repaint on it, and a full assembly and upgraded the gearing and headset, neck and bars.  Now, it sits idly awaiting  a set of tires!  Which, honestly I hate to do it that way.  It never fails, do a full repaint, then leave it sitting in bone row until a needed part comes in, only increases it's chance of being knocked over by some witless clod, namely, me!  Oh well, I just despise NOT having things to keep me busy! 
I did manage to pound out another couple thousand words on the book, and will more then likely be returning to it today as LORD A GUMPSHIN' I gots nuttin' ta do! 
Well, that aint totally right.  I do have a wee bit of busy work, that regardless of whether or not I like  to do it, it is so very nice to have a clean bay to work in and not be tripping over shi....stuff.  And, not unlike lighting a cigarette while waiting on a bus, will make the bus come that much faster, getting involved in doing something else invariably brings in work!  YAY!  That's right!  Keep thinking positive!
As you can guess, yesterday was rather slooooow, but we did manage to move out a few of the repairs that had been waiting, so it thankfully freed up some space.  For what?  I don't know, but we got SPACE! 
enh.  Aside from dealing with the teenage minds inability to grasp reality, it was rather quiet, thankfully!  After getting everyone to bed, Angi and I had the rare privilege of being able to do nothing but veg in front of a movie.  Captain America: the Winter Soldier.  Angi's observation that she knew, after going to see Avengers: Age of Ultron (no...I'm not doing it again, so relax), it would be a Marvel movie fest for a little while, was right on the money!  After that, it was pass out time, although she was pretty much gone towards the tail end, as she was a tad bit exhausted.  Dealing with inconsiderate, lay about teenagers who have no compunction about taking what they want, and doing what they want out of a sense of entitlement, while having to fight your own base instincts to choke the living crud out of them, can be VERY draining!! 
Alright, I'm going to try and "prime the pump" and get busy on something else, and hope for the best!

See ya soon!

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  1. Sooooo.... Maybe if you mention, repeatedly, your NAKED bicycles...?

    Hey, it's cheap advertising!