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Tuesday, May 19, 2015


Forgive the late start in todays Blog post.  When I got in this morning, sat down to start, and once again the computer was running a wee bit slow.  She's pushing about five years, with no major work and I think she is just getting tired. But in an attempt to clean her up a bit, I went through some old files to delete, and happened to stumble upon several old "photo files" I didn't even realize we still had!  As with every bike we build, we take a pic and post on Craigslist, and obviously the computer keeps a digital memory.  These had all been dumped into a miscellaneous file, and forgotten.  I was  somewhat taken aback.  Now, I realize that a lot of bikes have come in and out of our doors, and the only ones we actually take pics of are the ones we have rebuilt,  so this photo memory isn't even an accurate count of everything we have had, as about 20% of the bikes we pick up end up being parted out.  So all I could think was "WOW!!"  This file was dated Jan 2013, but actually had pics going about half way through February.  I did a cursory count (top row, multiplied by down!) 532 in under six weeks!?!?  WOOF!!  Seriously, it's an overwhelmingly good feeling to know we put that many rides back out on the road, that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill.  This is one of the reasons, actually, the prime reason, WHY we got into this in the first place.  We could have gone the way of the norm and just become another "new" bike shop, but wanted to do something different and ecological.  I really want to take this opportunity to thank those 532 people and ALL the others over the last eight years who have chosen to come here, when honestly, they could have shelled out a few hundred bucks more and gone and picked up something "Shiny and New" so thanks for "Coming on bored" because we were not necessarily "Expecting you!"  (OK, Capt. Stubing....sorry!) or for an average of about fifty bucks, gone to Kmart or Wal-mart and snagged one (but I credit the majority of humanity with a little more "snap" then that!).  Of course, within these files were even more photos chronicling our start, not only from the garage, but to the shaky beginnings of the old shop into this one!  Heh,  looking at the pics from when we were building this place out to now, and I could only think "It was sooo CLEAN in the beginning!! Ah yes, memories!
OKEY DOKEY!  Now on to the present.
Yesterday was one of those Monday's!   I should have known, from the happenstance of the ride in yesterday, that it was going to be interesting. But ever the glutton for self flagellation, I didn't run  home and climb back into bed, but instead tempted Fates humor. 
In retrospect, a long nap would have been preferable.  Got to the shop, did the morning thing, then got to work on a couple of newbies.  I should have know, again, the day was going to be odd, when, I went to take a sip of my coffee, and while doing so inadvertently coughed as I swallowed, which forced the contents back out, explosively!  But that wasn't the worse part.  For some inexplicable reason, at that exact moment, I inhaled sharply through my nose...and took a healthy portion of the regurgitated coffee up it!  LORD!  Thank heavens no one was around or they might of thought I had gone rabid!  Ever cry tears of gas station House Blend?  I don't recommend it! 
Once recovered, I set to work on the Schwinn Aluminum Comp MTB we got in on trade the other day.  Teenage boy had beaten on it, but it's fate was sealed, when he left it on the floor of the garage and Mom ran over it.  Now, for a moment, far be it from me to preach (*cough, cough*) but, if you are of diminutive stature, you really shouldn't be driving a honkin' big SUV.  This is the third bike she has driven over.  Just sayin'!  ANYWAY!  It needed some big time work, however, foolishly, I didn't give it a good once over before I started the work!  ARRGH!  Yea, you see where this is going!  Got three quarters of the way done when I realized the rear derailleur mount was completely stripped out, so in order to make it work I had to get...creative!  Finally made it function, but took far longer then I would have originally dedicated.  Had I been smart, and checked it, would have just parted it out!
Second BONEHEAD maneuver I did actually started on Saturday.  Had a scrap truck come in, and picked up several goodies.  Now, the price we paid was based on a Specialized "Hard Rock" in the bottom of the pile.  The frame looked good, even though some of the more insignificant components were gone, so I took everything gladly.  Without so much more of a glance I put the Hard Rock in Bone Row, and stripped the remainder down for parts.  After finishing the Schwinn, I popped this one in my rack, stripped it down, and it wasn't until I went to clean the frame that I realized...It was NOT a Specialized!!!  ARRGH!!!  It is the same color, frame style, seat, components, even the graphics were identical silver and pink, right down to a stylized "S" on the head tube, but turned out to be some "No-name" knock off!  OY.  Well, always the trooper,  pressed on, and ended up turning it into a really sharp looking and riding 15 speed urban comfort commuter.  I mean, it's got the same rigging as a Hard Rock, just not the name!  It should make someone a real happy rider!
At that point, I decided to call building, a day! 
Today, I have HIGH hopes for!  Started out ok, and have had a slew of repairs come in already, so my fingers are crossed! 
OK, speaking of which, I best cut it off here, as between those last two sentences, have had two more repairs come in.  I best get hustling!
See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $85.00!!
image 1
ONLY $95.00!!


  1. So... Money met mouth today and I bought a bike from Steven. (Not my first, I assure you.) The thing is, you never saw it. It never got that far. I brought it home and took some "before" photos. There will be "afters". You may see both then. The vintage lugged ten speed of indeterminate origin (a fake Peugeot, I swear) will be stripped down to the ball bearings and individual spokes and rebuilt as a high speed hipster's single speed road rocket for my cousin, who recently rode one of my creations and begged. Sure, I'll build ya one.

    I'm between books. She lucked out.

    Stay tuned...

  2. and all's well that ends well! You get a project to tinker with and I get some more space, and don't have to loose sleep or feel guilty that I hadn't done anything with it yet!

  3. The Big Build starts tomorrow, as I will begin to strip it down and decide which parts might actually go back on. (Very few.) Hoping to reassemble the beastie with alloy rims and much lightness.

    She'll be built fer speed.