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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

“Some people demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use.” _Soren Kierkegaard

Yesterday was a hootenanny of a humdinger of a hoedown!
OK, sorry for going "out there"
But man was it blisteringly busy in here!  YAY!!  Sent...oh let's do the tally....SEVEN to new homes yesterday! (Wow, that' weird, after 47 years, I JUST realized, if you put a "t" after the "s" in get my name!) Of course, no weeks is complete unless we have at least ONE fine example of the "Ten Minute Rule", and yesterday we had FOUR!!!  WOOF!  I do feel bad about one though, as he was a REALLY nice gentleman!  He came in earlier in the day, looking for a bike for his daughter.  He heard about us on the web, checked out the blog and apparently liked what he read, so he felt comfortable to come in and have a poke around.  And I mean, for a variety of reasons, this man could qualify for sainthood, so more was my lamenting, that when he checked out the Schwinn Jet for her and stated he'd bring her in later so she could decide, I was keenly aware it would, more then likely, be gone. 
I was right.
Shortly after he left, a couple, on her lunch break, swung in, and snagged up the Jet for her and the Mongoose 29'er for him.  The Mongoose happened to be the second, and a double header "Ten Minuter" having been test rode, and loved by two other folks earlier in the am, who also returned wondering where it went, as they left to "check out a few more places"!
Oh...let me touch on THAT subject.  Online and on YP there are several other bike shops in the area who propose to sell "used" bikes.  But HERE'S the skinny!  When we came into being, back in the day, and opted to list and advertise on YP, they actually had to create a new listing for us SPECIFICALLY in the way of "used Bikes" as there was no one working under that category at the time.  Now, oddly enough,  there are several...who don't, in fact, carry used bikes.  Apparently, they were not too keen on us hogging that particular lime light. (one notable exception is a couple shops selling their trade in's, only, and Pawn shops, but they don't service the bikes, so you really cannot count them)   So, when folks tell us they are going to "check out a few more places" they really mean "going to waste our time". 
OK, sorry for the interruption, back to our regularly scheduled program, already in progress...

As I was saying, I really feel bad, because of the fact I have had to try and wean myself from warning folks.  I know it sounds odd, but in many cases when we have a visitor, keen on a ride, say they're going to think about it, I have tried to extend cautionary tales in regards to "snagging it up when you see it, because chances are pretty good it won't be here when you come back" but these are usually met with incredulity, and the assumption my friendly warning is nothing more then a high pressure sales tactic.  The LAST thing I want to be labeled as is a "Salesman".  No offence to those earning a living at it, heck I did it myself for 15 years, but was never all that comfortable doing so.  The end result is that, more often than not, folks leave here for a second time, empty handed.  But in the case of this fine gentleman, I really wish it hadn't sold!  But, as always, there is hope!  He has our card, web address and assurance that we WILL find his daughter something!
NOW, that being said, on the OTHER end of the spectrum, there is the very RARE occasion I am (petty as it may seem) gleeful for the ten minute rule.  Such was the case in regards to the gorgeous Giant Iguana we had.  One of those types of folks who thinks the best way to dicker on price is to denigrate the product, in an attempt to instill doubt of it's value, then offer you a paltry sum in a sort of consolation, "here, I'm doing you a favor" sort of way.  Heh.  Sorry.  We have no problem negotiating price with folks, especially when they are reasonable and have a real desire to get out and ride.  ESPECIALLY if they are choosing to use a bike for commuting and leaving the gas guzzling, smoke belching beast at home, BUT, if they come at me with THAT attitude, they're lucky I don't RAISE the price!  SO, even slightly "put out" I put my best "happy face" on and gave a polite, smiley "no thank you" to his generous (*COUGH* COUGH*!) offer.  Oddly enough, he seemed so convinced in his opinion, he was somewhat taken aback by my declining, and insisted I'd never be able to sell it at the asking price.  Again, all smiles (Stewardess Barbie would have been PROUD) I simply stated that there would not be a problem, and somewhat disgruntled, he left. minuets later....
a very WISE gent came in, looking to get back on the road and COMMUTING, came in, road tested it, exclaiming what a GREAT deal it was and a LOT less expensive to other similar bikes he had been looking at, and snagged it up!  Now, you'd think that was the end of the story, but Nay, Nay!
About an hour or so later, as I was toiling away on some new rides (that we'll get to shortly) Mr Wonderful came back in, and without even looking at the line, and in the same consolatory tone, offered ten dollars above his previous, low ball bid.  OK, so...MAYBE I could have done a better job at concealing my somewhat smug smirk when I stated "I'm very sorry sir, but we've already sold that bike." His reveal was initially, a smug "yea right" kind of look, until he turned around and denoted the void in the line where the Giant once sat.  And believe me, hiding my look of shock when he stated "But...I wanted that bike!" with venom, cost me a tad bit of skin from biting my tongue!  I recovered quickly though, and happily handed him one of our cards, informing him "we get new stuff all the time" and wishing him a good day. 
Sorry.  is that too petty of me?
Karma is as Karma does.
We were blessed with a visit from one of our local families, as well yesterday.  They have been regulars of our since back in the garage days, and it's one of the many happier times we have, as we have been privileged to not only outfit them with new rides, annually, but have been able to watch their five kids growing up over the years.  They, too, are a family of bike riders, ditching the petroleum teet even before us. Come to think of it, most of their kids, now in their late teens have never known getting about in a car!  GOOD ON YA, FOLKS!! They came in, and upgraded to two new ones and had me do overhauls on three more.  ANYTHING to keep ya rollin'!
SOOOO, on to newbies!!!
Put out an "almost record" of NINE yesterday!!  OK, before you think I'm "padding the books" counting the five kiddo bikes we did, I'll let you know, that three of those took almost as much work as the adult bikes we did!  The little girls bikes frames were in great shape, but had been victims of the elements, and the majority of the "chrome" had to be outright replaced, as they were to far gone to clean!  OKAY, I will acquiesce, that both the 20" Motocross and one of the 26" DBS'S (the dual shock one) needed, like, NO work to make ready, but the remainder were FULL-ON tear downs and rebuilds!  The Red Magna (one of the earlier, better ones) was the biggest chore, as the majority of the components on that one needed replacing as well!  But...I kind of have a soft spot for these rides.  They remind me of my old, reliable Huffy (yes...I CAN say that with a straight face) in appearance and feel, and they really weren't bad rides.  They even look kind of cool!  So, it was an effort of love.  All in all, a good turn out that left me feeling like I actually accomplished something for the day. 
Upon retuning home, a tad bit delayed, we had a good dinner and chill time until it was off to bed, although that TOO was a tad bit delayed.  Kaleb has come down with a nasty case of the ickies and regardless of what else troubles he may cause, the paternal instinct kicks in when they're that helpless and we needed to make sure he was comfortable, medicated and okay before we could settle down.  Not to mention, Elijah, now seemingly on a more upward climb, had been helping a neighbor move, and they gave him a little cash, which he than went, in way of helping out, and contributed to the food stuffs in the house.  Impressive, so I slacked off, a little, on the whole silent treatment, and we ended up playing a few races on "Need for Speed" before turning in.
OKAY.  I think I've blathered on quite a bit, and should probably try and get a few things done.
Hope to see everyone soon!

Now, here's the newbies!

image 1
ONLY $20.00
image 1
ONLY $25.00!!
image 1
ONLY $75.00!!
image 1
ONLY $40.00!1
image 1
ONLY $30.00!!
image 1
ONLY $85.00!!
image 1
ONLY $80.00!!
image 1
ONLY $70.00!!
image 1
ONLY $80.00!!


  1. Wow- Cool collection of kiddie bikes!

    (And I've lived in The South long enough to know to NOT do that with all "K's".)

    As for the famous Ten Minute Rule, you REALLY need a countdown clock in that shop!

  2. And by the way: In honor of your selling that latest Giant Iguana, I've got mine (also bought from you) ready to rock a long ride on Friday. Triple water bottles full. Clif bars in the panniers. THE CORRECT SIZE SPARE TUBE. (You have no idea how important THAT is until you own more than one bike.) Not sure where I'm going, but I'm pretty sure I'll end up at Einstein Bros. Bagels... (E=MC yum).

  3. WELL SIR! You have an awesome ride, and when you stop to take a breath, think of me, slaving away INSIDE, wishing SO MUCH I could be out enjoying this wonderful weather with you!

  4. I offer you this, my friend: If you EVER want to take a day off, and I mean REALLY want to take a day off, you have but to show at my doorstep of a morning and we will ride.

    (How's that for fanning the flames of insurrection?)

  5. Oh were I not so dedicated a man, I'd already be knocking at your door!

  6. We need to work on that. Daddy deserves a day off.

    HEY- Maybe on FATHER'S DAY!