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Friday, May 8, 2015

“We need not take refuge in supernatural gods to explain our saints and sages and heroes and statesmen, as if to explain our disbelief that mere unaided human beings could be that good or wise.” _Abraham Maslow

You know what I'd REALLY like?  For any of our International friends who visit us each day to send us a note in the comment section, tell us what you think, what brought you here and what keeps bringing you back.  Even better, send us some pictures (jpeg please) of you, your family and friends, out enjoying cycling in YOUR country!  I think that would be a most EXCELLENT addition to our picture gallery!  Just think, being immortalized for all eternity in the hallowed halls of this, most audacious of Tomes!  OK, sorry, overkill at the end there!  But you get the point!  PLEASE, send what ya got to and become a welcome member of our family!  Frankly, I can only assume (considering some of the parts we have sold, and delivered to Russia) there must be some KILLER mountain biking over there!  We'd LOVE to see it!  Please include your name, and where you are from!
OK, yesterday...again, somewhat quiet.  Oh, we had a few repair's come and go (thank you all so VERY much for your kind words and patronage!) and the ones from the day before all came in to pick up, but only sent one newbie home.  *sad face*. 
Speaking of repairs, I especially found the Schwinn Hybrid we did work on to be a bit of a challenge.  I've never encounter one like this before.  The way the rear derailleur was mounted  was clearly factory,  but it was mounted in the middle of the chain stay?  It had a rear frame mount, but also one in the middle, and a WEIRD looking derailleur that when in place was stretched completely forward!?  Needless to say, as it was not working, I yanked it and used the rear mount, which of course, was stripped out, so it took some creativity to make it fit and be stable!  Not to mention, NO cable housing pick up in the rear?  No worries, used a barrel from a side pull brake set in the auxiliary derailleur mount.  Worked fine!  She was very happy with the end results and back on the road again, with her new and improved ride! 
OH!  I FINALLY bested my White Whale!!!  Yes, completely abandoning the constrictions of the excepted norm, I cheated.  Completely abandoning the gearing and going WAY off the reservation...I turned it into a three wheeler!  VICTORY!!!  Hee, hee!  The tore down three wheeler we bought for parts a couple days ago, came in handy!  It had some real good stuff, and an excellent set of aluminum wheels, 15m, and a solid rear axel!!  NICE!  just slapped the rear end on, used the front forks to turn it from a 26 to a 24, and with just a tad more tweaking this morning, it'll be ready to go out! 
Did put out two more yesterday.  One being the returned, repurposed EZip, but another full rebuild is a real sweet looking 20" Mongoose Rebel BMX!  VERY nice! 
OK!  So on to an "Uncle Chippie" inspired contest!  A while back, while he was digging through the confines of their museum quality home, he stumbled upon an original Gremlin!  No, not the really cool car, but a Gremlin from the movie "Gremlins".  And it's Stripe, the bad one!  SO, here's the rub, "FIND STRIPE!!!"  This little guy, pictured below, will be hidden some where in the shop (and no, we aint going to cheat and put him somewhere you can't see)  If you locate him, you get 10% off your purchase and bragging rights.  And yes, if he's found, we'll hide him some place different!
Here's his mug shot....

Today, we are hoping folks will be taking advantage of the GORGEOUS riding weather and be planning a weekend out on two wheels!  You know, I see it often, but always wonder, why do people mount their bikes to their cars to drive to where they're going to ride?  I mean, why not ride there? It's kind of like going to an Earth Day celebration in a Hummer! 
Anyway, these things pop into my head and I just have to jot them down.  Make's me look contemplative! 
Now, off to the grind stone (well, wire wheel, anyway)  See ya soon!

image 1
ONLY $70.00!!
image 1
ONLY $120.00!!!


  1. Oh, man- I can't tell you how proud I am to see that Stripe FINALLY got a job! (We do the same thing with a Waldo here in the house.)

    I made good on my threat for a long bike ride today, and had my morning Clif bar on Ben T. Davis Beach in Tampa! For the record, the Courtney Campbell Parkway Recreational Trail (aka "SHARK ALLEY") will officially open on June 19th, but it is pretty much done now, and gets the Uncle Chippie Two Thumbs Way Up!

    Now where's that gremlin...?

  2. Oh, and by the way, as per your last paragraph: The most common question asked about the Pinellas Trail is "Where do we park?"

    Man, that's sad.