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Thursday, May 21, 2015

"Sleep, born from exhaustion, is like a glass of water for a drowning man"

a Fuzzy gray veil of incomprehension, lain tightly across my brain, aching jaw and stiffening bones, brittle as dry autumn leaves, groan,  belligerent towards the incessant demands of dawn.  Do not speak my name, as my mouth will form words with no direct assistance from my incapacitated mind, an involuntary dialog born from the frustration of being torn from slumber, will spill forth nothing but vitriol.  Sleep.  Just let me sleep, as if nestled within the sanctity of a tomb, resting for all eternity, well past the Earths rendering to ash and cinder.

Oh yes....broke down and took Nyquil last night! What fun!  And surprisingly, at the insistence of Angi, who normally warns me away from even looking at a bottle!  She was so sweet though!  Gave me a hot toddy (with a shot of Irish Mist) then, after a little bit when I was still coughing, she brought out the Nyquil, told me to shoot it down and within ten minuets was making sure I didn't bump into walls as she lead me to bed.  There, she fluffed my pillows, drawn down the bed and tucked me in (insistent, of course, to insure the pillows were in optimum position to help decrease my chance of snoring.  Oh, the poor thing, my snoring can be atrocious, but when I'm sick? Heck, I've woken myself up it get's so loud!) and within seconds, I was passed out.  Needless to say, slept about ten hours and was still greatly resistant to waking up this morning!  BUT, Angi has put on some sort of a high energy techno song for her alarm, and BOY howdy!  Nearly shakes me out of bed.  After about three tries, her patience stretched to it's limits, she utilized the one sentence she KNOWS will draw me out "Don't you have to WORK today!"
ARRGH!  NO FAIR!!!  Playing on my work ethic, that's dirty pool!  So, I drew my sorry carcass out of bed with a "thud" and crawled to the coffee pot. 
SO, anyway, I made it, thanks to her, to work on time.  And yes, I DO need to be here as I have a lot to do! 
Yesterday, was once again, primarily about repairs!  Thanks to all for the continued trust and VERY kind words!  You all are the BEST!  And prompt pick up, each and everyone!  SAH-WEET!!  Managed to put out one newbie we got in on trade for one of the kiddo bikes.  We got the best end of the deal, as this one is a really clean, aluminum 24" Mountain Bike!  VERY Peach!  Spent the majority of the day, though, doing the dry fit for the new Truck.  Oy.  This one will be, by necessity, different then ours.  I learned a lot building that one, most specifically, what NOT to do!  This one, won't have the 26" front wheel, as it tends to make you have to pedal a little harder, and the bed of the truck will be level with the line of the bike, not pitched up like ours.  Trust me, it can be a fight at times riding an incline on ours.  The only down side is, I really wanted to do a three speed on this one, but still can't make it happen, only because I do not have a good three speed, double cog.  Bummer!  BUT, I did find a double cog single speed so I can put a coaster brake on the back.  I found with ours, I don't get going too fast, but if I have to brake hard, only having front brakes makes it shimmy too much!  And the rear reinforcement and stabilizers, are unique on the new one.  Instead of one center support, this one will have three, making the ride a little more rigid.  Once again, the "What-Not" box of goodies helped out tremendously in getting it to all mesh together.  Also learned that before we install the bed, you need to level and stabilize the whole thing ON THE WHEELS before setting the pitch! 
This one has been a while getting set up, as it took for ever to find a good candidate for a frame, and it will still take a few days to build, as I can't spend ALL my time on it, with a steady influx of other projects, not to mention the rebuild on the Raleigh that is making the cross country trip.  Gonna be an interesting week, to say the least! 
Picked up a few newbies as well, yesterday, and one of them is a home-spun rat road conversion of a five speed cruiser.  Gonna have to do a wee bit of tweaking though.  It was a great effort, but some of the more personal touches were set for that rider, and not a wider public.  Noting wrong with that mind you.  Heck, not many people would get on Greedo and ride comfortably!  Then a couple of parts bikes.  Gonna jump on those, likety split, soon as I finish up the repairs that came in this morning! 
So, that's about it, I best get a move on!
See ya soon!

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ONLY $90.00!!

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