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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

"The only bad day you'll ever really have, is the one where you don't wake up!"

Well that was a heck of a welcome this morning when I opened up the blog!!  Our number of views was way low on Sunday, as too be expected on Mom's day, but peeking in this am, seems our weekend folks were "catching up"!  734 views today!  And it's not even 9.30 am!!  WOOF!  And congrats to the Ukraine for being Top Billing on the International market!  Tripple the views of the next highest, Russia!  NICE!!  Hmmmm. I mean, if this blog shows their shared interests, maybe things aren't so bleak.  We're all flesh and blood and four base pairs...everything else is just useless window dressing!  To quote Cher "SNAP OUT OF IT!"
ANYWAY!!!  That's about as political as I get. 
On to the "lighter side" and some "Deep Thought's with Jack Handy" 
No, not really, I just think it's a hilarious thing to occasionally slip in some obscure, random reference for no particular reason. 
So, yesterday...almost took a nap after lunch.  SHEESH!  Once again, running out of things to do, and waiting on the clear coat to dry on the refurb for the gents Schwinn.  Were it not for the arrival of some newbies, I'd probably had dozed off!  Not that we didn't have our share of visitors, and we did send home two newbies.  One young lady saw us on Offer Up and came in to grab the ladies 26" DBS we had.  She was very nice, and complimentary about all the "good things" she heard about us in her research!  SWEET!  Seems we're doing something right!  Speaking of Offer Up, it's another good way to get our name out there, but given the brevity  of the format, I don't think the folks looking on there have a clue about what we do and how we do it.  I'm not against folks getting a bargain, oh Nay Nay!  I'm as much a negotiator as the next person, but the majority of the time, they counter offer for, like, less then half of what we list them for, obviously thinking that the bikes are just "used".  I then explain what they are and how we do it, and that the word "used" doesn't apply.  Used denotes potential "mechanical" issues that would not normally be addressed.  I go on to explain that we completely disassemble the bike, clean, replace or repair parts and when all is said and done (with no hint of modesty or humility) they come out "better" than new.  Most, get it.  Then there are those who go the other end of the spectrum and fall into the false belief that "berating" is the key.  Sorry, petty here. but it's those scant few folk I do SO enjoy proving wrong.  Case in point was the Mongoose Massif we had in here yesterday.  Less then a month old, never rode, PERFECT condition, it originally sold for $200.00.  We were asking $125.00 and got a LOT of inquiries from Offer Up, and the offers ranged from $50.00 to $90.00.  As I had just listed it on Craigslist that morning, I thanked them for their offers but stated I'd wait a day or too to see how it went.  One of the gents offering $90.00 proceeded to tell me (via text) that there was NO way I'd get that much, and that I was better off taking the 90.  Again, I thanked him, but stated that as this bike was new to us, I wanted to test the waters.  What proceeded was a string of texts, bordering on vitriol about how unreasonable we were, unrealistic and that we needed to sell it to him for the amount that he offered, because we didn't list the price as "firm" therefore we needed to except his offer???  UM, I don't mean to sound ungrateful for the attention, but I don't think that's how it works.  I was very gratified, however, that while attempting, in futility,  to get him to understand our lack of obligation, another gent came in to the shop, originally to buy a couple parts. but his young son saw the bike.  He had seen it the day before at Walmart, and loved it, but Dad didn't want to shell out the $200.00, However, in his words, $125.00 was a hell of a deal, and then shortly thereafter, left with a very happy young man!
I spared not a second in informing the other gent, that the discussion was unnecessary, as the bike was just sold.  I won't repeat what his response was, but suffice to say, he had "REALLY" wanted the bike, and we had no right to "sell it out from underneath him"?
OY!  Sometimes, I really cannot comprehend how someone can go through life THAT wound up, to the point of poopin' out diamonds! (I'll give you a second to think about that one).

As I said (or I think I did) in the tail end of the day, pumped out two newbies.  One is a real sweet looking Men's 26" DBS in the form of a clean 18 speed MTB.  The other, is another DBS, this one's a ladies.  Unfortunately, the paint aint all that pretty, but mechanically is as sound as a pound (um...does that saying even apply anymore since they use Euro's?) so check them out below!!
OK! On to the home front!  Enh.  I'm a little bit in the doghouse folks.  My biggest weakness in life is my family.  Trouble is, when there is strife within the family, I sometimes make the mistake of trying to play the peacemaker, and inadvertently (even though I SHOULD know better by now) step into the middle of things.  Now when it's between two or more children, not a problem.  But when it's between Angela and the children....uh....oh! 
Such was the case Saturday night.  Breaking it down to it's most base of components, there was an altercation between Elijah and Kaleb, and Angi, having already warned Elijah to "keep the peace and be respectful" so MANY, MANY times, had had enough, and told him to leave. 
Here's where I screwed up....I stepped in the middle and gently put the kibosh on it, and lectured Elijah, which of course, then backfired in the sense that he now has the impression that I "Have his back"
Never my intention, just hoping he would get the point of just HOW close he came to being homeless, but instead took it to mean he didn't have to listen to Mom.  Now, Angela is being very begrudgingly understanding about my motives, but also has a wee bit of fatalism about the whole living situation now, justifiably upset that I nullified her control.  Truth is, I really think I have only bought him a few days, because if he doesn't get his head out of his butt, and realize that the only thing Angela and I are looking for is respect, decency and appreciation and a resounding desire for him (and by extension Kaleb) to actually DO something with their lives other then lay on the couch and play video games, he's going to end up being another one hanging out at the library all day!! 
Yep.  At this point, it's either monumental change, or the soup kitchen.
SO, welcome to my world, mind your head and stay alert for falling objects!
Now, I need to get a move on, and try and build me some more bikes!
See ya!!

image 1
ONLY $80.00!!
image 1
ONLY $65.00!!


  1. Hey, remember when our parents thought MTV was the worst thing ever? Hehehehehe...

    "Whadda you wanna do with your life?"


    May your kids have kids. (How's that for Karma?)

    See you this afternoon.

    1. Heh, Heh, Heh! Yea, but at this point in our life, "Bang Your Head" is what you do when you talk to your kids, and "Metal Health" is making sure you have enough Iron in your diet!!!

  2. Steven-

    After our short discussion today in the shop, I reread today's blog. Here's my question: Has Elijah ever been without a roof over his head? If not, perhaps you should let Angi (Hi, Angi!) make good on her threat and give THE GROWN MAN a taste of his future.

    If nothing else, as fair warning for Kaleb.

    Says the guy with no kids.