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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Finding Permit A-38 "The Place That Sends You Mad"

HOWDY!!  Top of the charts this morning?  Turkey and China running a VERY close second to the States!  Keep it up folks!  Love seeing you all in attendance! 
But I have to wonder just what the Chinese think of us, considering the Not so Nice things I have to say about some of their imports.  Oh well, not going to worry about voicing the truth, as it shall set me free!
(or get my ass plugged!)
Heh, My favorite passage posted on our wall (thanks to Angi for this one, even though I think she meant it more as a warning then a joke)
"My death will probably be caused by being sarcastic at the wrong time!"
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU to all the wonderful folks for paying us a visit yesterday!  Sent four rides to new homes, dwindling the stock a bit, but managed to pick up four donations that will help fill a few vacancies!  ALSO, 'twas a day of HEAVY repairs!  SO heavy in fact, we didn't even touch on new builds until about five thirty!!
OK, so it wasn't ALL "busy, busy" that kept me occupied, hence why I am thankful that not only did Angela give me constant morale support, but that folks coming in helped get my mind off...The Department of Revenue!  OH YES!  THOSE people!  Seriously...could there be any more inept a department of government?  I know, that's a rather redundant saying, but LORD!  These people just want me to wring my hands, stick an ice pick in my front lobe and sit drooling in the corner just so I can be on the same intellectual level as them!  We got a letter yesterday, which made the ire rise up until the mercury burst through the top, not unlike those cartoons of yesteryear!  EVERY bloody time, they have an internal personnel switch (which seems to occur about every three months) our account is handed off to someone else.  Unfortunately for us defenseless tax payers, they don't have the foresight to pass on ALL the paperwork and notes!  SO, instead of contacting us with whatever questions they had, they just passed the account on to collections to establish a "payment plan" ALTHOUGH we already established and maintained a payment plan through the local office eight months ago!!!!
SOOOOOO, I have to go in...YET AGAIN, in June, to start....the....whole....process....over!!!
No WONDER they go through so many employees, I can only imagine that working in such an incompetent work place HAS to be draining!  Honestly, I'd last about until lunch time on the first day and then impale myself on the flag pole outside as a warning to all others!  I've said it before, but all we want to do is PAY OUR BLOODY TAXES!!!  Why should that be such an endurance trial for those with a heart condition!!
SO, Ok, now our pain is known! 
Back on topic.
Yes, had several "challenging" repairs yesterday, plus a full rear end change on an older (but well loved) French three wheeler.  OH, THAT was fun!  Try incorporating French and English measurements.  Makes for some colorful "Daddy Language"!  You don't realize just how many "K's" you can put in one LONG run on sentence, until you're motivated to do so!  Seriously, I would have made rappers and sailors blush! 
Today, having caught up on everything (well except the two that just came in) I've got another 26'er stripped, cleaned and in the rack needing building. A nice, sturdy DBS!  Then, a few kiddo rides to pound out, right quick and keep myself hopeful more come in so I can beef up for the weekend! 
.According to Angela, Elijah may just have gotten the point, as he was WAY Mr. Helpful yesterday.  Mind you, I'm not counting my blessings on that one.  He's famous for "false starts" BUT I'm trying to give him the benefit of the doubt.  I'm ALL about chances, much to my detriment!  Kaleb?  Well, let's just say, about five minuets after getting home last night, he got "physically removed" from the premises for ANOTHER altercation with Owen.  He's not getting the point that there are worse things in the world than having to behave yourself. 
SO, it's going to be a very interesting four months.
Now, I'm starting to get busy, so I need to get a movin'!
Hope your day brings you tangible moments of joy!

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