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Saturday, May 9, 2015

"There will always be people in life who treat you wrong. Be sure you thank them for making you strong._Angela Bininger

Before I get into the specifics about yesterday, I wanted to take a moment and exclaim that in a small way, my conviction that humanity is, basically, good was reinforced yesterday afternoon.
See, a few days back Angi was the brunt of an altercation with a VERY disgruntled neighbor.  Mind you, what made it all the more (for a lack of a better word) infuriating, was the fact that this "persons" problems, in no way involved or were caused by our family.  See, recently, our neighborhood, that has always been quiet and pleasant, has been infiltrated by "outside" elements, and seen a rash of break in's of cars, items being pilfered from porches and decks, from yards and sheds, and I heard at one point, a house at the bottom of the hill was broken into.  Now, apparently, when this particular individual was visiting relatives that live a few doors down, his car was broken into in the wee hours of the early morning and had money stolen from him.  At this point, all the information I have is second hand, as the two times he returned to our home, threatening Angi and the kids, I was not there. Seem's he got it into his head, that because ours is the only house in the neighborhood with teenage boy's, they must have been the one's to do it! He was not specific about when it was done, other than to say around 3 am in the morning, but that alone would preclude Kaleb (who he was inferring was responsible) as any attempt to leave the house after Mom and Dad go to bed is impossible.  Key entry doors (with the only key secure in Mom and Dad's room), and locked windows.  Not to mention the fact that Kaleb has been laid up all week with a VERY bad case of bronchitis and the flu!  Suprisingly, through it all, angi way laid her "Irish" and attempted to calm the situation, and let him know, in NO uncertain terms, if he had PROOF that any of our boys were involved that WE would deliver them to the police.  On the other hand, I completely stepped out of characture, as I am normally the diplomatic one, and upon hearing that this person threatened not only Angela but the kids as well, made me bite down hard and, tasting blood, and VERY much wanting to seek good old fashion "street justice".  Again, it was angela who calmed me, and begged me NOT to escalate things.  Trust me, it was VERY hard NOT to find him, eviscerate him and hang him from the tree in our front yard by his own intestines  (and yes, that IS possible...very painful, but possible!) as a good old fashion warning NOT to mess with our family.
BUT....I didn't.  Angi was, of course, correct.  You can NOT thwart stupidity with MORE stupidity.  Of course, situations like this, as uncommon as they may be, really let you know the lengths your children will go to protect their family, as during the altercation, angela had to subdue Owen, who himself attempted to attack the man, and Elijah (who was NOT there as well)  had to be secured in the same fashion as me, as he sought the same retribution.  Even Kaleb, in the throes of his sickness, made his presence known.
Well, to make a long story short, after two days of the boys and I being on high alert, Angela informed me that yesterday afternoon, the man returned, but this time, rather humble and contrite.  He came to apologize, profusely, for what he had discovered was a grave, false acusation, and that in fact our boys had nothing to do with the break in. Vindicated, Angi stated she already knew that. What information he had obtained, clearing the boys, he never said, but I think Angela's summation that it was an "inside" job within his OWN family, may be right on the money!  Sad part is, had he just approached us civilly, and spoke with me, I could have given him pictures of the most likely suspects, as a neighbor and friend up the street from us, recently had his porch raided.  In an attempt to trap the thieves, he bated the porch and waited up all evening, until again, in the early am, they came back.  He cornered them, and took very clear pictures of them.  Now, at this point, I neither condone or condemn his actions, but I can only wonder what reasoning he has for NOT relinquishing the pictures to the police.  However, I do believe his sense of Street Justice, surpasses my own.
That all behind us, we can redirect our attentions, once again to more important matters! 
Yesterday, was another odd bird!  First thing in the am we got in a slew of repairs, but the majority were minor tweaks, not taking more then a few minuets each.  The fine gent with the Schwinn Road bike came by, and she is going to be a peach when we finish her up!  After that, though, I only had one remaining kiddo bike to do, which gave my hands about an hour of activity, then it was on to processing wheels and parts sorting. yay.  It wasn't until a little after six pm, that I got a jumpin' again!  Had a donation of a promising DBS that I jumped right on!  While doing that, got a visit from a very nice young lady and her Dad, both displaced Yankees from my neck of the woods!  ALWAYS nice to chat with  folks from the 'hood!  Only bad part is, each time I have to dwell a bit in home sickness!  She'd been looking for a hybrid to fit her diminutive frame, but had little luck.  Out of what we had left, I pointed her to the Specialized Hard Rock (with the promise of an upgrade to road tires) and she felt it worked for her perfectly.  I do appreciate that the Blog brought them in, but she didn't look hard enough for "Stripe".  Sadly mam, you were very close to him, just didn't realize it!  No hints though, that's the rule!  Well, anyway, hope you enjoy the ride, and the tires will be in next week!  Then, we had a visit from one of our longer running regulars we had not seen for sometimes, but he ended up snagging up the Fuji road bike, bringing his grand total of acquisitions from us, to seven.  This man changes bikes more often than I do, shoes!  Now THAT'S an enthusiast!
Today, aside from finishing up the new DBS....enh.  I got nothin'!  Hope the day brings more goodies!  I really don't want to have to start reorganizing wheels again!!
So as to not promote atrophy in my gluteus maximus, I best get motivated! 

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