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Friday, May 29, 2015

"Raising teenager's is a lot like trying to teach a Bobcat how to swim: Painful and pointless!"

Romania!  How exotic and shrouded in lore!  Welcome folks!  Don't remember ever having visit's from Vlad's homeland!  Sweeeeet!
OKEY DOKEY!  On to yesterday!
wEiRd freakin' day!
Sent the really fine, "was-almost-in-scrap-pile", Pacific Mountain bike too a new home, first thing!  Actually, BEFORE first thing, as  got here early yesterday morning to get a jump on the workload, (HEH! the "W" stuck, and that came out "Orkload"  *snicker*  it's what the crew was constantly cleaning up during the filming of the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy!  BWA-HA-HA!!)  and a couple came in around 8.15 and snagged it up!  Then the day went "Ker-PLOP!"  BUUUUUUT, that gave me plenty of time to dedicate to the "Truck" project.  I'll tell you, this one is dragging out!  Sad part is, I look at it, now about 3/4 of the way done, and yes, I'm giving it a little more detail then ours (plus a locking lid) but you wouldn't think something so rudimentary as a BOX would take so much bloody time!! True, ripping, processing, cleaning and sanding the re-purposed wood takes time, but golly!  I'm impatient when doing thing like this, as I want to see the finished project before I even start it!  This, of course, leads to rushing things, and it wasn't until I mounted the frame for the box top, that I realized I hadn't scrapped the bloody paint of the wood!  That was fun!  Instead of running it through the wire wheel, had to use a chisel to scrape it off!  UGH!! 
I did take a break mid afternoon, as I have promised myself to dedicate time each day to work on the book, but only had about a half hour to spare (LUNCH!!) and was a tad disappointed in that as the part I'm working on now is really fun to write!  Then, it was back at it!  Got in a really sweet consignment piece though, a little later, in the way of a Elektra GiGi ladies 3 speed, in really sweet shape.  I let her know, this time of year it could go either way.  I sell it within a day, or it lingers for weeks, given the higher sticker price.  Well, I was right with the first statement.  After about a half an hour and sending the Men's 26" MTB lightweight home with one of our neighbors, who unfortunately had the last bike he picked up from us stolen (may the thief find himself stranded with a flat tire and become an alligator's chew toy walking to the air pump!) we got real busy in the last hour of the day!  A group of three visitors, down on a party vacation through Florida, were recommended to us to grab some "Pub Crawlers".  They snagged up the custom Sun Cycle cruiser, the lightened up 6 speed, AND the GiGi!  Of course we cut them a deal on all three!  Then, to round the day out, sent the Men's 26" dual shock MTB home with a nice gent and his well mannered son.  They too, had been referred to us, so a great big THANKS to our anonymous benefactor! 
At this point, stayed a wee bit later to finish up the lid ( again,,,refurbed wood?  Not ALWAYS come's out straight! ) needing a realignment! 
Then it was to the homestead, where regrettably the fecal matter made contact with the osculating rotation device.  Unfortunately, all the lectures and discussions aside, a teenager will take, from any situation, that which benefits them, with no consideration for consequences or even simple appreciation.  Yes, this is a conversation that is akin to beating a dead horse, but gnaws at ones brain, none the less.  Being the home body, and primary parent, Angi is left to deal with the insubordination on a regular basis.  For the most part, it is dealt with in a relativistic calm manner.  She speaks her expectations, then leaves it alone.  The older boys, on the other hand, disregard that which doesn't "interest them" and push the boundaries wherever they can.  Something as simple as just cleaning up after themselves proves to be an exercise in futility.  Anyone with Teenage boys can attest to the fact that having four of them, sharing the same room and NOT doing so much as pick up and, God forbid, WASH their dirty laundry...well...things can get a little "funky".  Instead of separating his cloths (dirty...clean) Elijah will just throw them all in haphazard pile....on his bed....then sleep on them.
No, no...I am NOT kidding.  Kaleb is not all that much better.   Their sole purpose in life, apparently is to eat and sleep.  Not much of anything else.  The crux of the problem yesterday, apparently, was Angela having the audacity to wake Elijah up (after sleeping twelve hours) in the late afternoon and tell him and Kaleb to clean their room.
Then, apparently a gateway was flung open from the bowels of Hell and a cadre of Demons was set forth.  In short, Kaleb, becoming indignant, question his mothers right and reason for making HIM clean HIS room, and in no short order pointed out, belligerently, that she was being unrealistic and unreasonable (I'm...ah...putting it in nice terms differing from the words HE choose) Where as Elijah, having worked a grueling six hour shift flipping burgers, felt he had not had enough sleep to recover from such an arduous work schedule!
The resulting outcome was a less then pleasant living environment that evening.  Oh, there's more to the tale, I assure you, as this was a brewing, simmering pot set firmly on a ROARING  forge for Angela.  We have both tried, in vain, to get them to see how one must behave when cohabitating a space with  anyone, but to no avail.  They don't take advantage of the reprieve granted them by Angela swallowing so much, and actually change their ways, they just look at it as a chance to get away with more!
Needless to say...don't know what is in store for them, at this point, I'm Sweden.
Thanks for listening.  Needed to download all that junk so I could meander about my day, as there is still a lot to do, and I needed to stow my baggage in the over head compartment!
Y'all have a great day! 

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