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Saturday, May 23, 2015

“Rest is not idleness, and to lie sometimes on the grass under trees on a summer's day, listening to the murmur of the water, or watching the clouds float across the sky, is by no means a waste of time.” _John Lubbock

Nope.  Not a big fan of this holiday weekend!  Means a few things.  Folks jockeying for position on the beach (why more don't ride bikes to that mad house, I have NO idea), lot's of drinking (stay OFF the roads come Sunday) and a lot of places closed on Monday!  And of course, the least positive aspect of the Holiday?  It's marking of the official beginning of summer! UGH!  Summers are great, when your a school age kid, but a business person and a parent...well, you whiten your knuckles, involuntarily tighten your sphincter, and stock up on Advil and antacid! 
Oh, but listen to me whine! 
No...really...listen to me whine...
Yesterday was relatively calm waters.  Had a staggering of repairs coming in, but nothing too complicated (thank you, as always for your continued faith in us!)  Had a gent bring in a NEW ride he picked up at Wal-Mart.  Now, I know I Bit...complain about the quality of Wal-Mart bikes, but I gotta say, this new Huffy is WAY sharp looking!  Now, I don't normally do this (heck!  I don't think I have EVER done this) and promote someone else's bicycles, MUCH LESS Wal-Marts, but you have to see this gem!  I think Huffy is trying to really make a come back in style and looks!

700c Huffy Supreme Men's Cruiser Bike, CharcoalRIGHT!  Am I lying?!  Couple things I would recommend though; make sure the wheels are TRUE, and change out the tires!  Tires are kind of cheap.  The whole reason he brought it in was the front wheel was out of true and the tire had an irregularity in it that gave it a bulge.  Probably what threw it off in the first place.  But this ride is only $197.00 NEW, and with a full tuning before you ride and regular maintenance, should get some good times out of it! 
There you go, proof positive I'm not ALL about bashing the Big W! 
Had a regular of ours come in and snag up the Specialized "wanna-be".  Sadly, the Motobecane he bought from us last year got swiped (may the thief suffer painful boils on the soles of his feet, and the front brake of his stolen booty seize up and throw him under a Yugo! Too Harsh?  GOOD!) and he was looking for something comparable. it's not what I would call "comparable" to a Motobecane, but it's a nice ride anyway!
Running a tad stagnant on the truck build, as I am waiting for the wheel set to come in.  Learned my lesson from the first one NOT to set the bed supports, until I can level it off in regards to the pitch of the frame on all three's.  Can't even do anything with the paint or set any other parts, as I have to paint the frame before the mechanics go on. No point in doing that, as any adjustments to the supports will be sure to muck up the finish!  The less touch up I gotta do, the better! 
With nothing much to do in the AM, punted around with the book for awhile.  At the point now, where the different time periods are screaming to be put down in words so I keep jumbling up chapters, but will smooth out the transition between past and future as I go along.  Probably not the best way to do it, but I'm no professional! 
As the day progressed , picked up a couple of trades so it gave me something to round out my afternoon!  A really nice looking Pacific Mountain Bike, dual shock, that at first I thought might have to be a parts bike, as the rear strut had a lot of play, and didn't think I had room to tighten her up.  But, turned out with a little elbow moxie, she squeezed up tight!  ALSO, picked up a SAH-WEET Nishiki touring bike (that before I even got to write this last sentence, went to a new home!) that didn't need TOO much coaxing to be a beauty!  And this one had rear and FRONT alloy racks!! WAHOO!  Don't see them all too often!!!  The gent that just snagged it, had timed it perfectly!  He'd been in yesterday looking at the Ross, that was just a tad bit too big for him, but came in today anyway (having got his pay early due to the Holiday...OK, yea...ONE good thing about it!) to snag it, only to see the "perfect fit" Nishiki!  SHA-WINNG!!
OKAY, at this point we are way into our Saturday, and the repairs are a steady stream, so I have to keep coming back to the postings, and I am SOOO loosing my train of thought! 
All in all, I hope everyone has a safe and happy long weekend, and we'll be here waiting fer ya!
I'm out!

PS...Wait, I gotta tell you this "mailman funny"  Just got our daily visit from our mail carrier, he handed me a flyer, and I commented about the whole "resident" thing.  He laughed, and told me, when he started out in the business, in Cincinnati, he delivered some flyers to an apartment building, and one older gentleman handed it back to him and said "Mister resident don't live here anymore!" ah-HA!!

image 1
ONLY $85.00!!
image 1
ONLY $65.00!!


  1. Wait, whoa- That was a HUFFY???

    WOW. I have GOT to see that one in person- if it's still there.

  2. RIGHT!?!? am I RIGHT? The frame is reminiscent of an older Workman we once had, or one of the newer "hand built" touring rides some smaller fabricators pound out. All the little extra's give it such flair. Huffy REALLY outdid themselves with this one!