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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The (Avengers) Benefit (Ultron) Of (Joss Whedon) Google (Iron Man) Searches!

So..... strange goings on folks!  I mention this NOT for the proposed idea some may accuse, that it is to do with my status as an egotistical Leo, but rather because I am, to say the least, perplexed!
Let me go back to the beginning.  Yesterday I had mentioned the high views we had on the blog.  Quiet frankly, I'm not sure it has as much to do with my winning personality, as it has to do with the fact that it was a movie review.  Every time I mention a movie, our numbers spike, and that is probably due to the fact that when folks out in the Wide, Wide World of Web Google, say, "Avengers: Age of Ultron", they may get a link to us.  Luck of the draw.  See, if I want to attract more (Avengers) folks to our (Avengers) blog, I just (Avengers) mention the (Avengers) name Avengers (Avengers) a couple times, and the (Avengers) search will link them (Avengers) here. 
( I wait and watch the numbers tomorrow.  I'll let ya know!)
Anyway, as I was was I saying?  ah yes...
I had mentioned the spike in views. So, recently, while going to post the Blog, a prompt came up asking if I wanted to link the Blog with my personal Google page.  I have a Google Page?  Yep, apparently!  I had to kick start some neurons, but eventually remembered that ALL those years ago when we started this little venture (the Blog that is) I had to set up a Homepage.  I did the basic info, no frills, tad bit of off beat humor, and got to the meat of the Blog, and never looked back! 
Now, once I linked the two together, something strange happened.  I started to get E-mails.  Several. a LOT of Emails.  And not junk, but questions, insights, opinions, comments etc.  Nothing bad or negative, mind you, thankfully (I can't handle rejection!  Special No-Prize for pointing out that movie ref.!) but they got me wondering as to where they all came from.  One in particular, from an old friend of ours, Joey, happened to send me to my own Home Page to answer, and this was where it got REAL strange!  On the page is a counter for how many views your page has had, and how many followers.
I REALY thought it was a typo!
I was convinced, however, that perhaps it was just indicative of how many folks are on the Web, and   that wasn't an abnormal number.  I have been assured, it's NOT normal.  Yes, OK, say what you will about Ego, but honestly... I don't get it. 
Still, incredulous, I thought I'd check this morning, perhaps the numbers would reboot.  Nope, they went up almost another 1000?
Well, let me know what you like folks, and I'll do more of it!!
SO, alright, I'll get off my high horse, and back to business! 
Yesterday, was all about newbies!
Oh wait, before I get into that and forget, have to send out a Hearty CONGRATS to Kasi!  She brought in her newly purchased Specialized Hard Rock for a tire swap (making the smart move to a thinner set of road tires) and she FOUND STRIPE!!!  Yes sir and/or Madame, she got her savings of $7.50 for locating the little bugger!  Unfortunately, being spotted, he did the cowardly thing and hid in a different spot, so we still need help finding the Gremlin!  Spot him, and get your own 10% off!
OK, put out three new ones yesterday.  First was a refurbed 21 speed Triathlon ride, next was a LIKE NEW 18 speed Dual Shock MTB "DAILY BANGER SPECIAL!!" very sweet.  And the third is a REAL gem!  Garage kept, hardly rode, and by that, I mean it was a gift.  The gent who brought it in, had inherited it from HIS dad, who got it from his granddaughter when he was 74.  He, had not ridden it much, as he sighted the fact it was too light.  Don't scoff, I can agree with that sentiment.  I ride a 77 Schwinn Tank because I like the feel and stability of a heavy bike under me.  In the end we got an ultra sweet Marin Stinson, lightweight, triple butted cro-moly framed, BIG BOY hybrid!!  This thing is GORGEOUS!!!  Check them out below!
On the docket today, we have a couple more road bikes I'll be tinkering with, although I am not set up with tires right now *sad face*!   Our supplier is out for the week, so we are up $#!+ creek without a poodle.  At the very least, I can get them ready for tires and hope for the best! 
On the Home Front.
Oh boy....
Angi, is, in a word, frustrated.  The rippling effects of my unfortunate intervention, are clearly being felt.  The boys, contrary from what I am TRYING to get them to understand, are still harboring the impression that they have divided the opposition, and doubly troublesome, is they are not too far off.   Angela is justifiably upset, that my actions of Saturday have stymied what she was attempting to accomplish, and that is to get the boys to realize their aint no free rides in life, and too not grow into being "users".  I have some fences to mend, and really need to toughen my skin when it comes to these two.  She is very correct in her assertions that their examples ARE being witnessed by the other children, and it won't be too long, if this continues, before they are going to start questioning why THEY have to tow the line, if their brothers don't!  Sometimes my foresight is only achieved through Hindsight!  I really wish life came with a rewind button! Well, it's going to be an interesting next few days, I'm sure!
SO, with that thought neatly tucked away, I am going to get busy with work!
Hope to see y'all soon!!

image 1
ONLY $95.00!!
image 1
ONLY $190.00!!
image 1
ONLY $130.00!!!


  1. So I got to check out that Marin when I was in the shop today- WOW. Whadda cutie! good thing I don't need another bike...

  2. Oh, sorry... by the way: