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Thursday, May 7, 2015

One, is the loneliest number that will ever be!

Rule of thumb, folks: do not start a "Godfather" marathon, unless you are properly rested, and imbibe sufficient quantities of caffeine!  Once the house hold was settled, fed, bathed and in bed Angi and I popped in #2 (I already watched the first one at the shop) and curled up on the couch, ostensibly, to watch the flick, but also awaiting Elijah's return from his "late night" shift.  Sadly, we had forgotten to confirm what time he would be returning, so we were somewhat unclear as to how long we would be waiting!  By about the time Michael Corleone was having his sit down with Hymen Roth, I was far too comfy snuggling with Angi, and was drifting in and out of consciousness,  Comfy, yes, but as I was remaining in a semi prone position, with my neck slightly cocked, when I did drift back to the waking world, it was if I'd been hit by a truck.  Finally around 1 am, the movie over, we opted to retire to bed and hope he didn't make a big racket when he came in,  alerting Suzanne, who will then growl and bark until she is satisfied that he is not a ne'er-do-well intruder! 
A long preamble, I know, into explaining why I was ten minuets late this morning!  Funny too, as I take the same route to work each morning, in front of the schools, several pedestrians, teachers and crossing guards all jokingly pointed out "You're Late!" 
Yea, yea...I know!
Yesterday, was an unfortunate reprieve from the hustle and bustle of Monday and Tuesday, so let's not repeat that today!  We did manage to send the Desantis Recumbent home to Sarasota with a very nice gent who took the long trek to snag it up!  He'd had his own, back in the day, but gave it too his daughter for college, and was missing the ride. He was quite excited to find another, and at the very low price we were asking!  After that, however, things got quiet.  Had a few more drop offs, though, so we thank you all for that, and a shout out to the several folks referring them to us! 
Speaking of referrals, got a call from another gent, who, at first, spoke such properly annunciated English, rather formally I might add, I almost hung up on him, as I assumed it was another annoying telemarketer call.  BUT, thankfully, I did not, as he had, some time ago, picked up a vintage Schwinn road bike and slowly was doing a restore on it, but he had hit a couple of road blocks and scarcity of parts (alloy Suntour, of which we have a plethora) not to mention the desire to have a repaint done.  He got our name from Angi's List, and sighting the multitude of rave reviews we have there, wants US to finish her up!  WAY COOL!  LOVE working on the classics!!
Now, somehow, for reasons unknown, I only managed to put out one ride yesterday.  ONE?!  Yea.  And only a kid's bike to boot.  Not sure where the time went, as I was puttering with other, less meaningful tasks, but...there ya go.  Going to try harder today!
Speaking of today!  The converted E-Zip we sent to a new home a couple weeks ago, is back,  Unfortunately, some folks, with all good intentions in mind, set out to alter their lifestyles, kick the Oil and Gas addiction, and take up the cyclecommuting cause.  Some, sadly, come to the conclusion that for their needs, it just aint gonna work out.  Such was the case here.  Now, please, cast no aspersions on this gents character!  Bicycling is NOT for everyone (even if it should be) and better for him to realize that, and return the bike, giving someone else an opportunity to enjoy it, then do like a lot of people, and shove it in the backyard or dark recesses of the garage to gather rust and dust! 
As far as what's on the docket for today?  Obviously, get the repairs up and running, but as I have to wait for Elijah to get motivated this morning and go get us the necessary parts, I'll probably bang out the two remaining kiddo bikes, and get started on my "White Whale".  What's a white whale?  To refer to both "Moby Dick" and "Gone In 60 Seconds" It is that which is difficult bordering on the impossible!  Mine is the Schwinn Roxie Comfort Cruiser.  Had another one donated, and in a display of my own unwillingness to succumb to thoughts of futility, I'm going to try, yet again, to make this one a viable ride!  Don't know what it is about that bike, that makes it so prone to failure, but I don't like to give up! 
That'll be it for me this AM, but hope to see y'all soon!

image 1
ONLY $40.00!! 

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  1. Ooooo... The naked E-zip is coming back? I saw that one, and it looked pretty good once you peeled off all of the electric trash. Hopefully the next owner will be able to make it work for them. My t-shirt on the subject: