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Sunday, May 31, 2015

OPEN DOORS AND WARM HEARTH!!! ( AC...whichever works)

Yes, it's Sunday and regardless of the fact that we swore this day off in lieu of relaxation time, finally got the box for the truck done yesterday.  It took awhile of fit and starts as we had many visitors yesterday, thank you all so very much for coming in.  The sorry reality, however, is, giving so much attention to one project, we have fallen greatly behind on new builds and even repairs.  So, today we are back at the helm, with our sign on and doors open (figuratively, of course, don't want to air condition the outside!) in an attempt to progress on the bike part of the truck, as surprisingly we completely lucked out yesterday and found not only the correct shade for the stain, but exactly the shade of magenta we were looking for!  HUZZAH!  And, in between coats, I'm going to tackle both the repairs and maybe bang out a couple of newbies!  Here's hoping!  SOOOO, if you're in the area, we still have a few ready to choose from!
See ya soon! 


  1. Man, I can't wait to see that beast complete! Your work on the cargo box was a thing of beauty.

  2. Thank YOU sir! Just hope I didn't make it too heavy! D'OH!!!