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Monday, May 11, 2015

Oh...Mr Whedon...It Took YOU to TRULY bring Comic Books To Life!!

Well, one of two things has finally happened.  Either senility has kicked in full gear, or movies have reached a point of technological advancement, that their energy has become SO frenetic, that the mind is incapable of processing all it sees!
Yesterday, being Mothers Day, I decided to give Angi the BEST Mothers day gift that one could ever get!  A day out WITHOUT the kids!  Yep, we headed out mid afternoon, to wander the Mall, have lunch and then go see a movie of her choice.  Now, either she is becoming as big a Fan Boy as me, or she was just rewarding me for my efforts, but she choose Avengers: Age of Ultron!
In a word...
Only problem is... it might have been just a little TOO epic! I can't remember everything we saw!  Seriously.  I pride myself on having a mind quiet adept at retaining trivial knowledge, movies being right up there in the foremost part of my brain, but when we left the theatre...we were exhausted!  Perhaps it was the amount of story they crammed into this film, the eye popping special effect, or the overflowing chalice of Fanboy nectar containing a plethora of  Easter Eggs and "must see's" of Fandom delight, but for the life of me, I only retained a few bit's and pieces of the most memorable of moments, as no sooner were you squealing with delight over the ideal "Comic Book" moment within the Marvel Pantheon come to life on screen, you were immediately thrust into one after another!  Even the few brief moments of "story moving" dialog or character development was not enough time to overcome the INCREDIBLE scene you had witnessed scant minuets before!  SPOILER ALERTS!!!  Things like, the Hulk, under the perception altering spell of the Scarlet Witch, goes primal and attacks South Africa, compelling Iron Man to deploy Veronica!  Veronica, is an orbital satellite containing a remote operated "Hulk Buster" suit of armor (HUGE!) that conjoins with Tony Stark and a ten minute, land shaking, building leveling battle of ENORMOUS proportion ensues, all wonderfully infused with Whedoneaque humor, that caused you to explode with laughter (it's going to be a somewhat emptier franchise without Robert Downey in the suit!) but then goes right to another point of extreme action.  The creation of "the Vision" was of equal significance, as was the moment (that NO ONE else in the audience seemed to appreciate)  when The Vision rescued the Scarlet Witch, and there was a palpable moment of admiration between the two of them!  This was SOOO important, as anyone in tuned with the Comic Book Avengers knows...that they end up getting married and having children!  Yes, he's an would take a LONG time to explain her "powers of probability" and resultant "hex" powers that made having his children possible  but if you're inclined just "Marvelpedia" it.  Oh the list goes on and on and on!!!  I will mention, however, that James Spader as Ultron was INCREDIBLE!  Motion capture HAD to have been employed, because no computer animator could have conveyed SO effectively the nuances of that fine actors expressions!  PRICELESS!!  Not to mention his maculate dry, sarcastic wit!  The scene where the Hulk, pursuing the fleeing Ultron in the stolen avengers Quinjet, burst through the back of it and all you hear is Ultron saying, quite sarcastically, "Oh for GOD'S sake!"  LOVED IT!!!
Angi and I have already decreed we HAVE to go see it again, as there was just so, bloody much going on!!  Not to mention, when the majority of the main characters were under the Scarlet Witches spells, they all had visions.  You saw Black Widows past, Captain America's unresolved past, and Thor's future.  Now here...enh.  I don't think they really needed to cram an already overflowing script with "a coming features" but clearly they were setting up a taste of the next Thor movie "Ragnarok" or, the Norse God's "Armageddon" As when later in the film, Thor supplies the energy to help create the Vision because of a "Vision" he had?  I don't remember seeing that when he saw what he saw.  Kind of lost me there.  In the end, yes, these movies are all about "bang for your buck" and I don't have a problem with that, but my advice to the creators for the next go around...slow down, just a tad.  Give the audience a moment to catch their breath!  Oh, and speaking of audience, NO problems this time around, with annoyed patrons berating our excitement, applause or guffaws!  As a matter of fact, the couple sitting next to us, who happened to be down on vacation from Europe, assured Angela at the end of the film, when she playfully apologized to them if we had been to loud during the viewing, that it was no trouble and in fact, made it more enjoyable as they appreciated sitting with folks as big a fans as they! 
That's nice!
Well, I can see by the clock on the computer, I have overstayed my welcome, and best get back to the work at hand, and that's bikes.  Saturday, was steady, and we got to do the traditional Saturday gab fests with many a folk!   Sent a few to new homes, and did a bang up bit of repairs.  Manage to put out  two but can really only take credit for refurbing one of them, as the 20" Mongoose Massif you'll see below, came in, in EXTREME pristine condition as it's less then a month old!  Unwanted Birthday present!  Check 'em out below! 
All right, with that, the next wave of repairs has come in, which I have to jump on, as the Schwinn refurb is half way through paint and I gotta git another coat on that, before I can get started!
See y'all soon!

image 1
ONLY $125.00!!
image 1
ONLY $80.00!!


  1. No doubt about it: Re-Cycle has the cutest mechanics in town!

    (Love the new banner photo!)

  2. Why Thank YOU sir! meant the girls, right?