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Friday, October 31, 2014


Well that was a humdinger of a day!
Thanks to all the folks for coming in (especially the referrals...even the husband dragged in by his wife insisting that HE buy a bike now that SHE got one from us!  HA HA!!) not  to mention the steady stream of repairs!  Oh we LOVE doing them!!  And a special "SHOUT OUT" to Jeffrey!  He brought in the old, well worn road bike last week that needed all the TLC to get her up and running again after a few decades of languishing in the deep recesses of his garage.  Thanks for all the kudos (not to mention the tip!) for bringing her back to life! He was leaving the shop after picking her up, eager and excited to take his first ride after a LONG absence!  Hope she does well for you!
Ended up sending the "Rocketeer" Giant simple to a new home (the aforementioned reluctant husband!) and the Raleigh Cadent didn't last past the morning before it located it's new owner.  Sadly, had NOTHING new to put out!  And please, don't think it from a lack of trying!  I just have nothing to work with!  Boo Hoo! Thankfully, today, I have plenty of repairs to keep me occupied until near to early closing!
Oh yes, tis one of only three work days in the year where we either close, or close early!  And that's "HALLOWEEN!!"  Angi has been working diligently the last couple weeks getting the kiddo's costumes all set out (I picked up the last couple pieces of Logan's "Leatherface" interpretation) and Momma is working, presently, on Owen's evolved "Velociraptor" mutant costume.  Don't ask me, I'm just exited to see how it comes out!
I toyed with the idea of going a "Bicycle Repair Man" (you tube it.  CLASSIC Monty Python skit!) but couldn't find a pair of repair man coveralls! 
Now, I need to get at repairs, and start the day rolling!
See y'all soon!

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