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Saturday, October 25, 2014

"If you live in Florida you should NOT be reading this right now!"

Seriously.  Woke up this morning, went out to have my morning coffee and was astounded by the beauty of the day.  Brilliant blue skies. Not a wisp of clouds to be seen.  Temperatures in the mid sixties with just the slightest hint of a constant breeze!  THIS my friends is riding weather!  Once finishing my go-go juice, I mounted Greedo, grabbed Suzanne and headed off to the shop.  By the time we were coming up on the plaza I was struck with the overwhelming desire to "just keep going".  Any true rider out there KNOWS what I'm talking about.  In possession of the "prefect day" and you just want to forget everything, point your front wheel arbitrarily in some random direction...and just ride.  No time frame, no destination, just you, your bike and freedom.   GOD I miss being able to do that!  Last time I took any real run I was having to travel a distance to pay a bill, but on a day like today, you all need to develop amnesia, except for the driving, undeniable urge to get on two wheels and just GO!  Sure, I LOVE the fact that you folks tune in to this blog each day, but it will be here this evening (or tomorrow....or a week from now, depending on how far you ride) when you get back.  Hit the road, dare to head in a direction foreign to you.  Brave the unknown and just get lost.  You never now what fate may have in store for you around each and every bend.  Rid yourself of the constrictors of responsibility or conformity.  Don't let anything stand in your way of the blissful experience of just not giving a $#!+ about what is "expected" of you today, and do for YOU!  And when you get back, all your worries and concerns will still be there.
Just tell 'em all you need a day!
As far as me, well, I can give advice, just not very good at listening to my own sage wisdom.
I'm here working.  But that's OK.  The majority of the time (except when fighting the urge to just "escape") I love what I do, and coming here is rarely a chore.  That is especially true when I get to talk to such wonderful folks, everyday, expressing how thankful we are here.  Each and every time I have a repair come in and the customers response, when I give them the total of their fix-it's, is "Is that ALL?" or someone see's the price on one of our bikes, raises an eyebrow, asks "how come so low?  What's wrong with it?" and I tell them "nothing" and mention the 1 year warranty, and they smile, that's ALL the motivation we need to keep coming back for more!
Well, as predicted, the Gary Fisher didn't last long, about ten minuets.  Actually, it sold before the prerequisite of 15 minuets Craigslist allows before posting it!  WOOF! 
Did manage to get in...and out another men's cruiser!  Simple single speed jobby!
Today, I'm back on the full restoration which should be done shortly, and will keep my fingers crossed that a trailer FULL of prospective new rides pulls up in the parking lot!  Oh, please, oh please oh please!!! 
ALLRIGHT campers! It's "Saturday going to work time!"

image 1
Men's 26" cruiser!
ONLY $70.00!!!

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  1. HEY!

    When are we gonna see a photo of The Rocketeer's beach cruiser?