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Thursday, October 2, 2014

So...whats the size of the OTHER shoe?!

Are we having fun or WHAT!?
So, yesterday, whilst doing my computer work, my screen went inexplicably dim. I looked up, blinked, and realized the lights were out!?  Checked the fuse panel, all good, no visit from the light company, but as I stood in the back door scratching my head, I heard a flurry of activity in the empty shop right next door.  I had been vaguely aware of banging and such coming from next door, having been vacated by the tenants about two months ago.  As I listened, I could hear swearing and yelling. It took sometime for the workman to inform me, unapologetically "whoops."  Seems they messed up something and still today are "working on it".  I had NO idea, anything here was linked to there! 
SO, making it somewhat difficult to see in the work bay, I have become quite adept at working in brail! 
Got a truckload of rides in yesterday on donations, but sadly out of the two dozen bikes, I only got about a 1/4 of a bucket of salvageable parts!  Not to mention the added bonus of SEVERAL ant colonies!  UGH!
Today, with a few repairs to catch up, I should keep busy for a couple hours, and just hope and pray someone else brings in something more to keep me occupied!
SO!  Dig through your garage, or shed, or storeroom, dust of the 'cycle and bring her down to get ready for the riding season quickly approaching!
See ya soon!!

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  1. Steven-

    Riding Season will be here Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! And by that, I mean the swamp won't be quite so sweaty, which is really can we can ask for around here, right?

    By the way, good thing for you that I don't work in your shop: I spent THREE HOURS this morning installing a cotterless bottom bracket spindle in a Raleigh R20. Yes, I know, there is no such thing for that bike, but yes, there is if you spend a tremendous amount of money to have one made. And then break it. Just had it welded, and it is re-installed, ready to amaze the maybe two people on earth that understand what it took to make that happen (me being one of them).

    Now just make sure that, whatever you're riding, you get out and ride it Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!