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Friday, October 17, 2014

Oh....The Nip Of Autumn!

OK.  So the busy season started yesterday afternoon as 5:22 PM.
Having had to endure a most HORRENDOUS summer (I mean, "white knuckle" on the dashboard wondering if we are going to crash, kind of summer and not all the votes are in as to whether we truly HAVE made it!) yesterday started off as another "I'm going to take a nap" day.  BUT, around 5pm, I went through our Craigslist ads for the rides we had left and renewed them.  Mind you, a few of these bikes had been on there nigh on a month!  That is a LONG time for a bike to go unsold around here!  About 15 mins later the calls started....and didn't stop until 9pm that evening.  Yes.  I bring my phone home with me and usually shut it off before dinner.  I never got a chance.  Ended up selling three rides before closing, and had no time to delete the sold bikes from the listings, so was having to go through a slew of "I'm's sold"  A FEW folks were a tad bit peeved!
SO!  That means NOW we are in DIRE straights for stock!  Seriously.  This happens EVERY year!  One big day of "SLAM!" and we are looking at an empty show room.  Sad part is, as it always comes at a different time each year (depending on whim and weather) and right after a major lull of no buying OR selling, and there is NO way to prepare for it!  We have been through it eight years now, always the same thing! 
BUT, that means, if you have ANY ride to sell, you got me over a barrelhead!  COME ON DOWN!!!
I built up two more yesterday!  A nice ladies cruiser, and a mens "Banger" cruiser.  The men's was gone in ten minuets so not going to bother with a pic of that.  Below, check out the ladies.
NOW....I'm going to see if there is SOMETHING I can do!
Talk to you soon!!

image 1
ONLY $60.00!!

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  1. Glad to hear the lull is gone- Ya had me worried there.

    Now here's to hoping the ball keeps rolling!