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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

More and More, Into The Fold!

Funny thing!
First, thanks to all the peoples coming in to visit and peruse our wares yesterday!  SO wish I had more to show them, but slowly newbies are trickling in!  We did manage to pick up a SWEET Big Boy Giant Cypress DX yesterday in gorgeous condition!  As well as the rare and elusive three speed cruiser, this one in the form of a Caloi!  Oh YEA!  A CALOI!!  Still have the Giant Simple Seven I will be putting in my rack shortly as well! 
Also, as we always do, thanks to all the folks for bringing in their repairs as they get into the swing of the riding season!  Bless you all!
So, had a gent come in yesterday morning looking to get back on a bike after a short interlude.  Unfortunately his bike was stolen a couple of years ago, but now he was interested in getting back into it.  He'd been riding an old Mongoose, a little heavy (yes, it was a WalMart Mongoose) and this tie around he wanted to upgrade a little.  As he looked through what I had to offer, and we talked (I like to get a feel for what the customer needs before I try and pitch them anything) he looked at the sweet Schwinn I had, then turned to me and asked "So why are you not trying to sell me this one?"  It was said with a certain air of expectation. He'd been to a few other shops that day, and apparently they pounced on him from the get go trying to sell him the "latest and greatest" but he didn't want to spend a years salary on a bike.  So when he came in here he was fully expecting me to push.  Well, I don't roll that way.  I'm not into high pressure, and quite frankly, I don't want to sell someone a bike that is not right for them just to make the sale.  The idea is to get people to ride and leave the gas hound t hoe, and I felt, given his height, the Schwinn was not right for him.  Well, he liked the look of it, so I suggested he take it for a spin, thinking that once on it he'd realize it was a wee bit small.  Lo and behold, after taking it for a spin around the block, he loved it, and felt it fit him perfect.  No problem!  The bike always finds it rider!  As long as the customer is happy and wanting to ride, who am I to judge!
Today, have a few repairs to bang out, then it's on to new builds!  Also, picked up a 20" three wheeler.  A little worse for wear, but it will be up and running soon! 
OK, so back on it!  See y'all soon!

image 1
ONLY $130.00
image 1
ONLY $260.00!!

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