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Saturday, November 1, 2014

Post Sugar Crash!!

Last night went off without a hitch! 
Well, OK, that's not entirely true, but nothing compared to the normal pre-candy grab we are used too!  Really, the only slight glitch was that when we went out to buy costumes last weekend we greatly underestimated exactly how big Miranda had gotten.  We were still thinking size four, but she's more of a six now!  Daddy tried to squeeze her in, but it took Mommy's skill to make her fit!  Angi did another great job of mostly hand crafted costumes.  Aside from Miranda going as a 60's hipster, and Izabella as a very cute "Batgirl",  the rest had inspired dud's from the access of previous years selections.  Owen went as a mutant Velocoraptor, Logan was "Leatherface" and Rozy, "Queen of the Dead" and Mom went out in a well pieced together, almost Steam Punk outfit.   However, this year marked the passage of time as Elijah was not there, opting for even more time with his girlfriend, elsewhere.  And Kaleb decided he was going to sit this one out and watch scary movies while handing out candy.  It may have had something to do with the fact that last week,  he was thrown off his bike twice, causing quite a bit of road rash, bumps and bruises, and stiff legs.  He's not a little kid anymore, but he still insists on riding around on 20" BMX, swearing by the nine tooth rear ends, which I have been trying to tell him, are $#!+!!!  Maybe now he'll listen, and get back on the classic Jamis hybrid we have as a spare! 
After a quick round of take out pizza, we hit the neighborhood.  It was kind of quite this year though.  Not many houses decorated or lit up, and very few groups of people in attendance.  Sad.  But the kiddo's got their fill, and after a few blocks, legs were getting tired, baby was getting cranky so we called it a night.  Of course, Momma, as is tradition, gathered up the bags, doled out a couple of hand full's, and put the rest up.  We learned our lesson a LONG time ago, that as the children rarely get sweets or junk, if they gorge themselves...well, we are forced to go through a LOT of towels, and several baths cleaning up the messes they make rejecting the overloaded tummies!
Yesterday at the shop was a hoot as well!  First, in a very RARE case a young lady returned to us to snag up the Giant Simple Seven she had looked at, and LOVED the day before, only to find it still here!  WOW!!  This was one of the times where the "Ten Minute Rule" had not taken effect!  Also, the vintage three speed found a new home, proving yet again, that a bike will ALWAYS find it's rider!  It takes a very special person to appreciate the appeal of old steel!  The "not quite so lovely" 20" three wheeler found not only a home BUT a NEW purpose!  The folks buying this one were from "Circus Soleil" and will be repainting it and using it in a production number!  SWEET!  Also...there was one other that left, but man!  Damn if I can't remember what it was!  So sad!
The end result from two incredibly busy days is...I only have ONE adult size bike left to sell!!
Yep.  This time of year it's ALWAYS the same!  I pray that someone brings me in a truckload today!!
I do, however, have ONE bright spot.  Had  a gent come in and provide me with a really gorgeous set of alloy road wheels and tires with the rear being a flip hub!  And MAN are these wheels TRUE!!!  I can now finally finish up the Sony frame I have had sitting here waiting for just a set of wheels!
SO, without further adieu, I'm getting right on that!
See ya soon...and hopefully you'll be bringing me some bikes I will EAGERLY buy!!

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