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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

OK, So That Happened.

At this point it's just becoming comical!! 
So, the other day (slowly recovering from ending up on someone's hood) I went to pick up Angela from her new job.  Well, "pick up" isn't the right word.  She had her bike, I had mine, was just there to ride home with her.  She has to come up Keene from Drew, and it's a stretch of road, a little dark, with swamp on one side and woods on the other.  Don't feel safe with her riding alone, in such an area ripe for ambush.  As we were traveling West on Drew, with her in front (she's much quicker on her road bike then I am on Greedo) for some inexplicable reason Greedo decided he was tired of being upright.  Either the little bit of sand on the sidewalk, or a divot but the whole front end just went out fro under me propelling me sideways off the bike.  I aimed my body for the grassy median, but of course it was on the same side of me that landed on the hood earlier.  Once I came to rest, Angi rushed back to see I was OK, but all I could do was chuckle.  Getting up, I dusted off my ego, and climbed back on, gingerly, and we made the rest of the trip without incident.
Then came yesterday.
First, the upside.  Lots of folks coming in with repairs, ALWAYS appreciated, and was able to get them done in relative ease.  The Jango hybrid that has sat here for close to a year, was bought a week ago, and I finally got it done and ready to go.  The very excited young lady who bought it is coming in today to pick it up.  Now of course, I'm still a little light on stock, as there has been next to no one selling bikes lately.  Oh, that will change, always does, this time of year is just slow.  But, I kept as busy as a bee getting folks back on the road.  And, as always, I get a real rush of "happy" when many folks tell me not only were they referred to us by so many good folk, but the few (and  feel bad for them, really) who come in with horror stories of recent experience's they had at "other" shops.  One gent went in to a local shop a few weeks back to have two tubes replaced on his sons bike.  Apparently, he's not a small guy, and keeps doing damage to the ride.  Well apparently, when he brought it into the shop, the owner told him it needed a couple tweaks, and tubes and it would be $50.00!!??  For two tubes?  Well, sadly, not knowing any better, the gent agreed.  But when he returned to get it (three days later?) the bill was $120.00!?!?!  No call from the shop for confirmation and the owner would not budge, and gruffly told him, "if you don't pay, you don't get your bike."  Honestly.  He should have left the bike.  It was a used Next Avalon, and really, only worth about $60.00.  But, his son loves the bike so he did it.  He brought it here (being recommended to us) for the same thing.  Both tubes were bad, and the "tweaks" that the other shop did, having NOT helped at all, needed to be done again.  His jaw dropped when he realized that the total cost we were charging hi was $18.00.  Yep.  Another customer for life!
As I was saying.  Once the day winded down, and got near close, I noticed some rather ominous looking clouds coming in from the East, and as it had been quiet for a bit, opted to head out a few minutes early and beat the down pour.
Didn't work.  Got a quarter of the way home and some mighty pregnant rain hit.  Hard.  Now, I don't mine riding in the rain.  My delivery bag is water proof, and so am I.  Suzanne, apparently, is a different story.  She does NOT like being in the rain and if she gets water in her ears or eyes, she freaks out.  Well, she freaks out to the tune of stopping with all her strength, with the added effect of pulling me OFF y bike!  THREE TIMES on the way home!  Of course, as she walks on my guessed it, SAME BLOODY SIDE!!! 
Needless to say, Advil was needed! 
I made it here alive this morning, and am going to get at it!
Hope to see you all soon! 

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