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Monday, October 6, 2014

Somewhere The God's Are Having A REAL Chuckle On Me!

What's the old adage? "God only gives you as much as you can handle"  Or something like that.  Well...I think he left the tap on, and has not been keeping tabs!
So, this morning, after a tense coffee time, I headed out to the shop early.  Acquired quite a few repairs on Saturday, and needed some parts, so wheeled off to our local supplier for some grabs!  Once complete, and overwhelming overloaded I wrestled the load back.  Wasn't easy!  Two sets of wheels, 6 tires and a bag full a goodies.  Having adjusted the load several times, I secured it for the final leg up hill on Highland.  Here's where it got interesting.  Having to hold the wheels and tires, slung over my shoulder on an old inner tube, with one hand and pumping furiously to make the hill, I came upon the back exit at Sabal Walk apartments.  A particularly blind exit!  There's a hedge that comes out right to the sidewalk and no one exiting ever bothers to stop at the stop line. have figured out where this is going.  Coming up to the crest of the hill, not to fast but as it turns out, fast enough that the sudden appearance of 3/4 of  car five feet in front of me did not give my one free brake hand enough time to stop.  Quickly I ended up on top of the hood and creating some cracks in their windshield with my head.  Thankfully, no serious injury, but by the time I got back to the shop, the adrenaline had worn off, and things started to ache.  Oh joy!
I think, for $#!+'s and grins, I'm going to start keeping score.  Buy a notebook, write all this down...and wonder when I'm going to get rewarded for all this.
Make me sound a little bit maudlin?
So, Saturday was definitely a little bit of a turn in a better direction, as we had the aforementioned repairs come in, plus sent a couple rides to new homes!  Thank you ALL for coming to visit the Bat Cave (yea...still waiting on the lights to be fixed!) And today has seen more.  I am SURE that is because of the GORGEOUS weather we have had last two days!  OH MAN!  This is the time of year I LIVE for!  Not to cold, not to hot with the perfect, almost constant breeze!  Slept with the windows open last night and that was GLORIOUS!!!   I do SO hope this keeps up!
All right, I best get moving before I get too stiff!  Talk to you all soon!


  1. Steven-

    Perhaps you need to adopt and adapt my Core Philosophy: People are idiots. It's simple, easy to remember, and covers just about every human situation. Especially when they are driving.

    The other thing you need to remember: My phone number, because even if I don't have the truck on hand that day, I DO have a motor scooter with a sidecar that can haul wheels, tires, and all sorts of crap, should the need arise. (The passenger seat in the 'car comes right out.) Next time, call.

  2. Perhaps you need to build a bike trailer from scraps to haul stuff.

  3. LOL!! Gentleman, PLEASE stop making sense! You're going to throw me off!!!

  4. Oh, man- John's right: You need a cool cargo trailer, for the pup if nothing else!

    OR: Like an old European three-speed bike, but done up as a trike with a cargo big basket on the back...