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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

SO many thanks for yesterday!  Was a cornucopia of repairs in and out, so I send a hearty SHOUT OUT to everyone for their continued trust and patronage.  Have a run over of a few that I will be jumping on shortly, as they came in at the relative last minute. 
I also managed to put out another two goodies as well.  The gorgeous Giant Simple Seven is a real treat to behold.  This one is the ultimate pub crawler!  Check out the pic below.  The other one is a 20" three wheeler!  We DO NOT get many of those.  It took some work, as it was in rough shape.  But after a few hours of scrubbing, degreasing, cleaning and a little still isn't all that pretty!  HA HA!  SOOOO, someone is going to get a REAL good deal on this one! 
Today, after the aforementioned repairs, I think I finally got a relatively good set of tires, to get the old Schwinn MTB hard tail up and running!  YAY!  'cause MAN, I SOOOO need some more men's bikes out there!  WOOF! 
Had an epiphany last night.  After closing up shop, I jet home, make sure dinner is cooked, kids are served and baths and showers are done (with a little help from Kaleb, Elijah and Jesi) then around 7.30 I head out to meet Angi at work and escort her home.  Yes, old fashioned of me, but I don't want her riding alone at night.  So sue me.  She works on Drew near US 19, the usual way is down Keene to Drew ad out to 19.  The other option is to go Sunset Point to Old Coachman, but as it is VERY dark through Coachman Park at night (NO streetlights) and Angi doesn't have good night vision, we always take the brighter path.  However, for the last week I have been traveling there alone down Coachman.  I LOVE the dark!  Last night, while having left a wee bit earlier, just to have a leisure cruise, I came to the realization that Coachman Park, at night, is a metaphor for life.  You travel it relatively blind. It is filled with twists and turns, hills and valleys, perpetually littered with unseen obstacles.  The darkened woods surrounding you could potentially be filled with dangers, but at the very end, there lies a raised bridge and as you reach it's summit you come upon a light marking the end of the trail!  So in effect, each night I travel that road alone I am reenacting the course and eventual end of life.  Very profound feeling to come to that light unscathed!
Best get moving, as the course of ones life never stops!
See ya soon!

image 1
20" TRIKE!!!
ONLY $75.00!!!!
image 1
ONLY $120.00!!!

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