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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ready...Get Set.....HOLD ON!

Fit's and starts.  A day of fit's and starts!
Had REALLY wanted to get that Gary Fisher up and running yesterday.  Stripped it down and started a point.  Until I discovered my LAST remaining chain tool was BROKE!  And OF COURSE, the chain on the ride was not only badly rusted BUT was too long! SO, in despair, I cleaned the rest up, hooked it up with new tubes and tires...then put it back in bone row! 
Fun, fun, fun!! 
BUT, had Kaleb hit the supplier and he'll be back soon with the goodies I need to get some of these projects DONE!! 
And a tip of the hat to determination in the guise of one of our long term regulars!  Henry has been visiting our shop each week for the last year or so looking for the PERFECT bike for himself! Yes, folks, you heard that right. With all the options for NEW bikes in this town, he refuses to patronize them.  Apparently, after a few "bad" experiences at some of these "boutique bike shops" he has determined that he will wait until WE get him the perfect ride.  Only trouble is, he has know idea what kind of bike that will be.  His theology is "I'll know it when I ride it".  For a few moments there I thought we had finally found it in the Giant Simple Uncle Chippie fixed up for us last week.  It was the longest test drive he had made to date.  His final judgment?  He'd "think" about it.  So, like when I tell the kids the same thing, pretty much a no.  Oh well, I do know I'll see him next week!
Well, the prodigal son has retuned with tools and parts, so it's back to the rack to get some stuff done!
Y'all come on done and see us, ya heah?


  1. Steven-

    You really need to post a photo of that Giant Simple+ that I worked on. Those aluminum Rocketeer fenders are WAY cool!

  2. What brand of chain tool are you fond of ? I've been using a cheapy from the 80's and have my eye on one called the "Super B chain rivet extractor". I don't really use it often enough to justify the purchase.

  3. John- I've got a Park Tool CT-5 chain tool I bought DECADES ago, and it still performs flawlessly (a little grease on the threads now and them, and I've touched up the splayed end of the drive pin once or twice over the years). I think it cost me $15.00 at Chainwheel Drive here in Clearwater.

    I've looked at those big two-handed "pliers" type of rivet extractors, but they seem too imprecise for me. That little CT-5 gives me great control over the plate tension and is very precise about how far out it moves the pin to break a chain.

    Worth every penny.

    Should anyone ask.

  4. Hi Chip, How is the pin held captive in the CT-5? My current tool pin is constantly falling out and its only a matter of time till i loose it. If you google "chain tool" look at wikipedia, you'll see what I'm currently using it's tiny and hard on the hands. The features I'm liking on the super B are the pin guide that holds link in place during reassembly-press and size of handles. You guys probably do more chains in a week than I do in a year so thanks for the input.

  5. Someone I know should apply to this.

  6. John-

    Offhand, I don't recall how the striker pin is held in the threaded barrel, but I'm pretty sure it's replaceable. (I've just never had to.) I unscrew the whole thing to work on it. (Dress the tip.) I use it maybe a couple of times a month. No more than once a week, certainly.

    And by the way, I can be reached at if need be.