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Saturday, October 4, 2014

Thankful for friends!

Yes, there are times in life that tribulations and drama prove who the good people are!
Well.  Don't let the darkness fool you!  We ARE open!  Was informed yesterday the workman next door (not an electrician in the lot) cannot rectify our loss of power...yet.  The only one of them capable of fixing it is currently on a job in Orlando and won't be available to get here for a couple days.
Really, I can deal with the no lights and even no AC (hey, I'm a Floridian!) it's the fact that s my cell phone's battery does not hold a charge for more then 10 minuets, makes getting phone calls impossible unless I can keep it plugged in!  ARRGH! 
So, yes, we are open until 5 pm today, just come on down and we will get you hooked up!
I gotta give a few shout outs to some folks who have availed me of some very good, heart warming and informative conversations over the last few days.  Of course, Uncle Chippie, always a stalwart beacon of compassion and support is doing his utmost to keep me going.  One of our regulars, Joe from South Boston sat with me the other day, and we compared notes on some similarities we share in relation to my current predicament.  It's good to know survival is a possibility.  And Anne, another long term customer, who herself buys and sells used bikes, but when they need more then a clean and light maintenance she brings them to me.  About a week or so ago she brought in an older Trek 800 (good bike) that she needed a shifter replaced on and a couple small tweaks here and there.  She was very clear that this was a special need, as she has two VERY special clients who come to Florida twice a year for two weeks at a stretch, from Belgium.  They have been doing so for several years, and she always treats them right. Once they have finished with the bikes, she buys them back and resells them.  Well, she picked the bike up at the beginning of the week (they arrived yesterday) an found that one of them needed a couple minor adjustments, so she brought it in yesterday afternoon and I had the privilege of meeting the couple and had a very pleasant and informative conversation with the husband as I worked.  Seems he is in real estate, and I learned a lot about Belgium and European real estate practices and laws.  Also about the current state of their government and Visa application laws and just how easy it is to travel from several European countries to the US. 
Yes, very pleasant conversation, indeed.
So anyway! 
As the rain has kept us rather non busy, I am hoping that the sun, currently burning away the clouds will continue to do so and at least assist in making today a busy day!
Remember, I have more then enough natural light to make repairs, and we still have a few bikes on the floor in need of good homes, so please, come on down!


  1. Steven-

    No power, no phone, no worries- Yer wrenches still work, lad!

  2. Ok, I thought about it for a bit: Turn your repair stand 90 degrees counter-clockwise and use the light coming in from the wide open back door.