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Monday, October 13, 2014


So at least the weather is holding up!
Came in yesterday to get a few things done, as we are finally starting to get more new goodies in! YAY!!  More and more folks taking advantage of the mild weather and cleaning out their yards, garages and sheds!  And yes, I will show pics of the finished project!  And I have more to work on as well!!  Not to mention, a nice, older Gary Fisher MTB, and three BANGER MTBS!  Now if I could just get in some cruisers, hybrids and maybe a three wheeler! 
The first one finished is a GROGEOUS men's 7 speed Schwinn comfort cruiser, complete with a bag of goodies and a helmet!  Next, is a 24" "Honda Racing" MTB. 
On to today, have a nicer Mongoose MTB on the rack then on to "who knows what"!
On to another of those "why the HECK do they do that to people?" Stories!
On Saturday, had  very nice lady come into visit, but sadly, she was on the verge of tears.  Here's why.  She has a Giant Simple cruiser.  Nice looking bike (I LOVE the style of these things!)  Only a few years old, and in relatively good condition.  Recently it had developed a wobble in the rear, and her chain kept slipping off.  After a few days of riding it like this she went to one of the "other" local bike shops for a fix.  She was flabbergasted to say the least!  They had informed her, her rear wheel was "shot" and her crank bearings needed to be replaced and it would cost her over $150.00 to fix!?  OK.  Yes, when you are dealing with NEW parts (and truly DO replace them) I can see it getting up there, plus their "shop" fees.  It was the fact that AFTER quoting her the price, they were a bit snide (or as she said "extremely rude") and degraded her bike and told her she was better off with a NEW ride, then started trying to push a few on her.  She left, downtrodden.  A neighbor, hearing her plight, suggested she come here.  Reluctantly, expecting more ridicule, she decided she had no other option.  After hearing her story I offered to check out the problem.
At that point I was disgusted!  Turns out, her crank was nothing but loose (bearings were fine) and the wobble in the rear wheel was only because the lock ring that held the rear cog in place broke.  I had to gently pick her jaw off the floor when I told her the whole repair was going to cost a whopping $8.00.
Needless to say, ANOTHER happy, life long customer!
ALLRIGHT!  I best get a move on.  Bikes don't build themselves.
But wouldn't that be cool?  You know, like that scene from "Christine" where the kid sit's down in  the garage and says " me"

image 1
ONLY $45.00!!
image 1
ONLY $130.00!!!


  1. Steven-

    Contrary to outward appearances, I really am working on that bike of yours. Hope to deliver it this week, as I need to focus on
    Halloween here at Casa Loco. That'll give you one more for the floor. On the plus side, I took the dual drive Fulton out to the airport today, and rode great!

    Go team!

  2. And the Giant Simple+ will be delivered to the shop this evening!

  3. Aaaaand- It is there!

    Anyone in the market for a Giant Simple+ at a Very Good Price, you better get down there QUICK. This one has a heavy-duty rear wheel (12 ga. spokes), and I lowered the gearing 5%. The bare aluminum frame weighs only four pounds, so this is a light weight coaster-braked one-speed cruiser for some fine trail ridin' Buckaroo.