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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Guilty Pleasures

So, as with every year this time of the season is filled with fits and starts. 
I'm either neck deep in repairs (and that' a GOOD thing) or I'm trying desperately not to nap!  Yesterday...I almost took out my blankie and Teddy Bear!  I did manage to send two rides to new home, the automatic shifting hybrid and the ladies Schwinn MTB I put out that morning.  But that was in the latter afternoon.  I puttered in the morning (hitting a wall on the Trek MTB, as I don't have a set of appropriate shifters) but found little to keep me busy by around noon.  SO, after looking for something to do, I started cleaning and organizing behind the counter, and lo and behold I rediscovered a stash of something I had all but forgotten about.  A few months back while hunting and pecking on EBay one night, I won a bid on a large collection of dime store novels, or more like pulps.  My "Guilty Pleasure"!  None other then a bevy of old Mickey Spillaine "Mike Hammer" crime noir, hardboiled detective novels!  Oh I have ALWAYS loved these things!  (also got a few Ellery Queen ones as well) So, originally thinking I would just read a few pages to pass the time, before I knew it I had digested most of "The Big Kill"!  Had it not been for the influx of folks coming in around 5 pm I may have lost total track of time and finished it! 
At least I know I have something to occupy the slow times!
But NOT today!  It is such a gorgeous day out, I have HIGH hopes more folks will be getting off the couch and taking in some "outside" time! 
Managed to get one ready to go this morning already!  A real sweet riding hybrid-esque comfort cruiser!  A 21 speed, unisex jobby! 
I'm also going to do a little digging through the buckets of parts from the last major tear down party I had, as I MAY have a set of shifters buried in there for the Trek!  Fingers crossed!
So, take advantage of the day, pull out the rides and dust 'em off and if they need some tweaks, bring 'em on down! 
See ya soon!
image 1
ONLY $90.00!!

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