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Friday, October 24, 2014

We Love The Newbies and Converts!

Although yesterday was a tad bit quiet, we did have a couple milestones.  Well a few.  FINALLY got the SWEET 2000 Gary Fisher Sugar 3 finished!  YAY!  Definitely made the price of a new chain tool worthwhile!  OK...yes....I would have had to buy one anyway, but you get my point.  Also was able to get all the repairs done, except for the full restoration on that old road bike.  That got stripped down and almost completely cleaned before close.  Took a wee bit, as many of the nuts and blots were rusted frozen!  WOOF!  Also, had to replace several components that were just so far gone!  The COOL thing about being having SO many used bikes parts was, even give this bikes advanced age I had EXACTLY the same vintage Shimano rear derailleur that came on it!  SAH-WEEEET!!  And thankfully I was able to rebuild his rear wheel AND had EXACTLY the same skip tooth rear free wheel!  Excuse me while I pat myself on the back!  Needless to say, that one will be up and running again shortly, and a good thing too, as we have taken in a few more repairs this morning to get on! 
As I said, was a tad quiet in the earlier part of the day, but around five the after work looky loo's came in.  One gent, having been trying to ride a bike too big for him, also had a problem with his nuts and bolts each time he came to sudden stop or tried to get off the seat!  He needed something smaller and was quite happy with the 24" MTB we had.  Also, a very nice lady came in search of some exercise, and was drawn too the Kaluna 7 speed cruiser, which did not take to much time to convince her to give it a new home.
Now, at this point comes the tricky part.  Once again, as I finish up todays repairs, I have NOTHING to build!  ARRGH!  I need some of you nice folks to start digging through the sheds, garages, laundry rooms (or if you have a teenager like our Kaleb, check in their bed.  No, I'm not kidding.  After having his BMX stolen twice then recovered in the last month, he now sleeps on Elijah's old bunk and his bike rests on his. Yes, I stopped trying to point out how silly it is!) and bring us some old rides!  We NEEEEEEED them!
OH, before I forget, read on my Yahoo news this morning it has been officially announced, Paul Rubens WILL be making another Pee Wee Herman movie!  YAY!!!!  Looking forward to that!
OK, best get my mosey on!

image 1
ONLY $240.00!!!

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