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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Why So Picky?

This time of the year, as the cooler weather set's in (and STAYS!) I go into nesting mode. Well, more cooking mode.  I love to cook, but during the summer it's just to darn hot to be running the stove.  At that point I am more the Neanderthal cooking outdoors over a fire!  "Unh, uh, uh!".  But fall is when I do my most kitchen work.  Baking (apple squares, carrot cake etc.) And meals.  REAL meals!  Portuguese Soup (kale, beans, sausage...and more) stuffed peppers, roast, New England boiled dinner and my personal favorite...LASAGNA!!!  So this past Sunday, after sending Kaleb to the store for the many needed ingredients I spent two hours in the kitchen preparing my nine layer "Spaghetti Cake" as Elijah calls it.  Yes...NINE layers!  Seasoned hamburger, sautéed peppers, mushrooms and onions, fresh spinach, ricotta cheese (made in the time honored tradition of the Italian restaurant I worked at as a teenager (I'm not telling my secret) and of course lots of Mozzarella and GARLIC!!  Oh, yes....LOVE garlic!!  Now, in anticipation of a lot of hungry little tummies I made a BIG pan of the stuff.  I thought I was good. 
We currently have a LOT left!  Apparently, somewhere between last season our children completely lost their taste bud.  Seems that if it isn't chicken nuggets, mac and cheese or corn dogs, they may as well be eating drier lint!  Logan, upon hearing we were having lasagna, got excited...until he saw what REAL lasagna was.  Apparently he had had Lasagna at school.  A PALE excuse for some Chef Boyardee inspired, wafer thin slop consisting of tasteless sauce, a few strips of pasta and American cheese!  YUCK!  So once the plate was put before him, he wrinkled his nose, moved it around and went to bed hungry.  The other kids (except Kaleb) did little better, pretty much picking there's apart to get at the hamburger.  Of course Angi and I loved it and Kaleb ate all his, but that was more due to the fact he is a teenager and once food is placed before him he inhales it.  Of course, last night (with so much left) I gave them another round.  To no avail.  At least Suzanne ate REAL well two days running.
So tonight, after they all wasted such a perfectly good meal, I'm serving them plain oatmeal.  Yep, I figure, they don't like it and don't eat it I'm only out a couple bucks of ingredients! 
SO!  Yesterday was primarily repairs (thank you all SO much for your continued trust!)  One of our new regulars brought in another batch of road bikes, a nice carbon fiber Trek and an older (yet still sweet, Cannondale!) for some tweaks.  Well, they turned out to be more then tweaks, as one problem lead into another.  But the young man is an enterprising sort. H picks them up at yard sales and such, refurbs them and sells them off.  HEY!  More then glad to help!
I did manage to get out two newbies though, as the afternoon allowed.  A very clean 7 speed ladies cruiser, and a really sharp looking mid 70's ladies three speed, complete with wicker basket!  This one was a toss away!  Have NO idea why!  Body is in great shape, and had NEW tires on it! 
Today...kind of a split day.  I have to close between noon and two, as our baby sitter bailed on us, last minute, and I'm going to hang with the babies so Angi can get to work, until Kaleb shows up to take over.  So, sorry in advance for any inconvenience. (SCRATCH THAT!  SITTER MADE IT AFTERALL!)
BUT, I'm taking the morning to get started on some more of the goodies we have kicking around.  I need to get some guy bikes out!
All right!  Y'all have a good morning and hope to see you soon!

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  1. Steven-

    Feel free to come over and cook lasagna at our house ANY TIME. Appreciative audidence guaranteed!

    I'm off to the college tomorrow on The Fulton to teach a day of cycling classes. Plan to show up in knee-high black leather English riding boots, just to show 'em how it's done!

    Wot? I'm ridin' ain't I?